Lorraine Kelly criticises Kevin Spacey for ‘deflecting sexual misconduct accusations by coming out as gay’

TV host Lorraine Kelly has criticised Kevin Spacey, saying it was “wrong” of him to seemingly “deflect sexual misconduct accusations by coming out as gay”.

A number of allegations of sexual misconduct came out against Spacey after Anthony Rapp alleged that the actor had sexually assaulted him when he was just 14.

When acknowledging the accusation, Spacey came out as a gay man – a move that was strongly criticised by LGBT activists.

In November 2017, 20 people accused Spacey of sexual misconduct whilst he was creative director at The Old Vic theatre in London.


Speaking to You magazine, Lorraine opened up about Spacey while discussing which celebrities she has found most difficult to interview.

She said: “The worst was Kevin Spacey who was rude and dismissive not just to me, but to everybody in the room. He was very entitled and I was disappointed in him.”

“When he later appeared to deflect sexual misconduct accusations by coming out as gay, that was cringeworthy and wrong,” Lorraine added.

Still, she’s seemingly a fan of Hugh Jackman…

“In my experience, the larger the star’s entourage the bigger the pain in the bum they will be,” Lorraine explained. “If I’m doing an interview in a hotel I can tell as soon as the lift doors open how things will go. Hugh Jackman? Everyone’s having a laugh.

(Netflix) House of Cards

(Photo: Netflix)

“Bruce Willis? They act like they’re at a funeral because he hates being there.”

Because of the allegations against Spacey, House of Cards will continue without him.

Following the controversy, Netflix halted production on the show’s sixth and final season and the company has since confirmed that it would film one final season to round out the show, but that Spacey will play no part in the production.

The eight-episode season will still star Robin Wright, who plays the superb Claire Underwood.

Netflix’s chief content officer Ted Sarandos said: “We have made an arrangement to produce six seasons of House of Cards. It will be an eight-episode season. It will start production in early 2018 and it will not involve Kevin Spacey. We were really excited we could get to an agreement… for the conclusion of the show.”