Kevin Spacey is ‘sexual bully’ who ‘assaulted victim while he was sleeping’, court told

Kevin Spacey

American actor Kevin Spacey is a “sexual bully” and “predator”, a London court has heard as his trial for historic sexual offences gets underway. Warning – sexual assault.

The 63-year-old two-time Oscar winner is accused of 12 charges of sexual misconduct against four men between 2001 and 2013, including repeated instances of indecent assault, sexual assault, and causing a person to engage in sexual activity without consent.

The trial began on Wednesday (28 June) at Southwark Crown Court. The American Beauty actor, who appears in court under his full name, Kevin Spacey Fowler, denies the allegations. 

The most serious offence – of causing a person to engage in penetrative sexual activity without consent – carries a maximum punishment of life in prison. 

Kevin Spacey ‘did what he wanted to do’

Prosecutor Christine Agnew KC opened the case against Spacey on Friday (30 June), telling jurors not to be “starstruck” by the celebrity of the defendant. 

Agnew said: “He is also, the prosecution allege, a man who sexually assaults other men. A man who does not respect personal boundaries or space, a man who, it would seem, delights in making others feel powerless and uncomfortable – a sexual bully.”

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Agnew alleged that Spacey’s “preferred method of assault” is allegedly to “aggressively grab” other men “in the crotch”. She said: “On one occasion things went further than that.”

Speaking about all four alleged victims, Agnew said they are “not known to each other” but had the “misfortune to attract the attention of the predatory Mr Spacey Fowler”.

“None of the men wanted to be touched by Kevin Spacey Fowler in a sexual way but he doesn’t seem to have cared very much for their feelings – he did what he wanted to do – for his own personal sexual gratification,” she added.

According to Agnew, Spacey argues that some allegations are “simply made up”, while others were consensual sexual encounters. 

Some of the complainants in the case are also suing Spacey in civil courts. 

‘Anger turned him on’

The court was told on Friday that the first of the alleged victims, who worked with Spacey during his time living in London, was “not comfortable being around the defendant due to his sexual nature”.

He alleges that Spacey “smacked his bottom really hard when carrying luggage”, “touched his buttocks over clothing” and “touched his genitals over clothing”.

The court heard that Spacey “banked” on the alleged victim not coming forward – due to the actor’s fame and power, and because the alleged victim would be “too embarrassed, too ashamed to make the complaint”.

In one alleged incident, in the car while the complainant was driving, he said Spacey “grabbed him so hard he almost came off the road” and described the alleged incident as “taking his breath away”.

He says he told Spacey never to do it again, but claimed the alleged victim’s anger “simply turned him [Spacey] on”.

The second alleged victim claims that during an event at the Haymarket Theatre, where he first worked with Spacey, the actor asked questions including: “Have we f**ked? Do you have a big c**k? Is it true what they say about Black men, do you like it outside?” 

He alleges that Spacey asked him if “he liked to party” and grabbed his penis with “such force it was painful”. 

Victim claims he woke to find Spacey ‘sucking his penis’

The third alleged victim says he first met Spacey when auditioning for a role at the Old Vic theatre. After he got the part, he went for drinks with Spacey and other performers. He approached Spacey once he’d left drama school to ask for mentoring help. 

The alleged victim says in his statement that he was “surprised” and “starstruck” when Spacey called him and asked to meet him for a beer. The meeting allegedly took place at Spacey’s flat, where the complainant alleges that Spacey “hugged him” and “put his face in” his crotch. 

The alleged victim said his last clear memory is of falling asleep or passing out, and waking to allegedly find Spacey “sucking his penis”. He says he pushed Spacey off, told him no and left the flat. He alleges that Spacey told him not to tell anyone what had happened.

The fourth alleged victim says he met Spacey while working at a village pub, when the actor came in with his dog. After chatting, he told Spacey he would be going to another pub later with friends. He says it was there that Spacey put his hand on his knee, or the knee of one of his friends. He alleges that Spacey later invited the group to a house in the Cotswolds where he was staying – he and one friend accepted the invitation. 

At the Cotswolds residence, the complainant alleges that Spacey attempted to hug him and kiss his neck, and grabbed his crotch. 

The alleged victim says he responded: “Sorry man I don’t bat for that team,” before leaving in “a panicky state”.

Patrick Gibbs and Oliver Schneider-Sikorsky, leading the defence, told the court that the trial will offer “insights into both sides of fame”, including “the way people act towards you”. 

Gibbs said the jury is likely to hear “some truths,” “some half-truths,” “some deliberate exaggerations” and “many damned lies”. He told the court that the jury should consider: “What’s their true motivation for [the alleged victims to be] making these allegations now?”

Agnew said that it is the prosecution’s case that Spacey “abused the power and influence that his reputation and fame afforded him, taking advantage of his popularity and prominence, his illustriousness and influence. Taking what and who he wanted when he wanted”. 

In July 2022, the disgraced House of Cards star denied four counts of sexual assault and one of causing a person to engage in sexual activity without consent. The alleged offences are said to have occurred between 2005 and 2013 and relate to three men. 

Spacey appeared at Southwark Crown Court in January 2023 and pleaded not guilty to additional charges – three of indecent assault, three of sexual assault and one count of causing a person to engage in sexual activity without consent – relating to a fourth complainant.

Spacey won Oscars for his performances in The Usual Suspects and American Beauty, and starred in House of Cards for five seasons before allegations of sexual misconduct surfaced in 2017. He received an honorary knighthood in 2015.  

Following a Metropolitan Police investigation, the actor was charged in May 2022.

The trial continues.