Strictly Come Dancing’s Gleb Savchenko would “love to see same-sex couples” on the show

Strictly Come Dancing star Gleb Savchenko says he’d “love to see same-sex couples” on the show – and he’s up for being paired with a male celeb.

Savchenko – who’s married to fellow dancer Elena Samodanova – says he wants “to see the energy and the chemistry” between same-sex dancers.
The row on whether same-sex couples should be included in the popular dance show has been going on for some time.

Last September the BBC confirmed that they have no plans to introduce same sex partners on the show.


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A spokesperson from the BBC said: “Strictly has chosen the traditional format of mixed-sex couples and at the moment we have no plans to introduce same-sex couples in the competition.”

Speaking to The Sun, Gleb has revealed: “Producers are just scared to try new things and go in that direction. It should have been done a long time ago.
“I would love to see same-sex couples,” he added. “It would be amazing, it would be huge entertainment. We have same sex couples competing in real dance championships and they do it so well.

“To see the energy and the chemistry and the vibe in the rehearsal room of two guys – imagine you put Anton Du Beke with a guy. I would really want to see that.”

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He also said that he’d be up for dancing with a “super cute” man. “If he’s super cute and light and could dance, I would totally do it. We would kill it,” explained Gleb.

“I just need a great person who’s easy to work with and really wants to be in the competition, not just publicity. People will be like, ‘Oh my God, they’re so great together’.

“I’m very open-minded and I wouldn’t mind doing it. I don’t give a f*** about what people think of me and what I do.”

Earlier this month, Amanda Holden and David Walliams called for Strictly Come Dancing to feature same-sex couples after watching two male dancers perform at the Britain’s Got Talent auditions.

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After watching Spanish dancers David de Menes and Javier Padilla perform the Salsa on stage, Holden said: “Strictly should do it. I love the moves and how you toss each other around on stage.”

“It was beautiful and shows there’s nothing funny about two men dancing together. I don’t know why the BBC doesn’t have two men dancing together because it’s fantastic,” Walliams added.