These hilarious gay dating bingo memes are going viral on Twitter

The internet can be a truly weird place.

If we’re not lost in a sea of memes or GIFs, we’re trying to navigate creating a compelling social media presence that enamours our love interests while not offending our parents.

And while we’re trying to do that, let it be known that one internet meme is doing its best to put you in your place: gay dating bingo.

The grids, which were compiled by several members of the Twittersphere, who may have too much time on their hands, catalogue classic dating stereotypes that haunt Twitter users.

After a UK version was created with left-leaning heterosexual men in mind, @seanbgoneill decided to jump in to create the ultimate bingo for lefty gay men – and the results are hilarious.

“I’d do ‘dating lefty men bingo: gay UK edition’ but there are literally 7 of you,” he initially joked.

But it appears that the desire for the grid was far more than he anticipated.

“One of these is a direct quote of me and u will be hearing from my lawyers,” joked @benvyle.

“6/25 and chillingly possibly just an evening art history course away from a full house,” added in @tyronwilson.

“‘pretends to be post-grindr’ The last time I was bodied this hard was a rugby in p.e. at school, jfc,” tweeted @myllesanhour.

And as what goes up must come down, @leonardocarella decided it was time to make a bingo card for all of the gay right-wingers on the website.

“This meme was inevitable,” he tweeted.

“This is what I call an entrance exam,” joked @TKispeter.

“Surely should just say: is a submissive in the sheets, strong and stable in the streets,” suggested @JoeyWh1te.

As the various iterations make their way onto our timelines, however, one group seems to be sorely lacking a bingo grid.

So, in the meantime, we at PinkNews HQ will close with one enquiry: lesbian Twitter bingo, where art thou?