‘Avengers’ star Tom Holland confused Drag Race for an actual drag race and it was hilarious

He might have done well dragging it up as Rihanna for Lip Sync Battle, but when it comes to drag royalty, queer Twitter would like Tom Holland to learn his Herstory.

While promoting Avengers: Infinity War on Absolute Radio on Wednesday, the Spider-Man actor and his co-star Benedict Cumberbatch took part in a game called Showbiz Scenario.

The Avengers stars had to answer a few theoretical questions, such as: “Which Chris would you let sleep in your spare room for a few nights: Pratt, Evans or Hemsworth?”

Holland and Cumberbatch were also asked who they think would win RuPaul’s Drag Race—and Spidey was a little bit confused. “I think Downey would win a drag race because he has the fastest cars,” he said.

Cue the crickets.

Cumberbatch, who reprises his role as Doctor Strange in the upcoming Avengers movie, was quick to correct his co-star, replying “Aaah, it’s not that type of drag race.”

Holland quickly realised his mistake, though, and confirmed he does know what Drag Race is.

Cumberbatch, who definitely knew what Drag Race is, picked co-star Tom Hiddleston as a potential winner, because “She can dress up pretty mighty fine.” Now that’s an answer both Loki and Drag Race fans can all get behind.

Queer Twitter did not hesitate to drag Holland for his answer.

Some others offered to educate the young Spider-Man on RuPaul’s Drag Race:

Who knows, perhaps Holland, who dressed up as Rihanna for his Lip Sync Battle against Zendaya in July 2017 will give Drag race – RuPaul’s, that is – a chance once he’s done promoting Infinity War?