Government releases report about Orgasm-inducing mind control weapon

A US government agency has released a report about an electromagnetic weapon which can force people to orgasm.

The Washington State Fusion Centre (WSFC), which assists other government agencies from local to federal level in combatting terrorism, crime, cyber attacks and disasters, made the documents public as part of a Freedom of Information Act request.

The decision seems to have been accidental, considering that the files were sent to non-profit group Muckrock in a package about anti-fascist and white supremacist groups.

But now the documents are in the public sphere, and they are completely terrifying.

They outline techonology which is able to enact “mass and individual mind control” via mobiles, phone networks, helicopters and transportable weapons.

As if this wasn’t horrifying enough, there is also a file which shows all the many apparent uses of this weapon.

These include “forced orgasm,” right alongside “itching” and “intense pain” – all in the genital area.

But, wait, there’s more.

The technology can, the file says, lead to “forced speech,” “forced waking visions” and “forced memory blanking.”

In one horrifying series of actions, the possibilities of “transparent eyelids,” “controlled dreams” and “reading and broadcasting thoughts” are raised.

So good luck sleeping tonight, we guess.

Don’t worry, though, that’s not all.

Among the many acts this terrible, dystopian, possibly hypothetical tool can cause are “intense general pain or hot-needles-pushed-deep-into-flesh sensations,” “wild flailing sometimes followed by short periods of rigor mortis” and “sudden overheating.”

Doesn’t sound pleasant.


There is also “all-body pain,” “sleep prevention,” “forced ‘drop-in-your-tracks’ sleep inducement” and “irresistible ‘go here, go there’ commands,” just in case your future nightmares weren’t already vivid enough.

It’s not clear who was developing the weapons or whether they were ever successful in their attempts.

But it’s certainly not the only mind-boggling weapon to be found among government files.

The US military once seriously looked into a suggested weapon that would make people gay.

(Flickr Ares Tavolazzi)

The revelations came from unearthed documents written in 1994 – the same year that Bill Clinton signed Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, which banned soldiers from being openly gay.

The proposals originated at the US Air Force Wright Laboratory in Dayton, Ohio, which was seeking $7.5 million in funding to research a number of ideas for chemical weapons.

Some of the ideas suggested were beyond comical, for instance, a chemical that would attract bees to enemy soldiers so they got stung. But one was particularly surprising.

The document suggested that it could develop a powerful aphrodisiac to spray on people in order to make enemy soldiers have sex with each other.

To be fair, they did note some downsides, describing the plan as “distasteful.”