Robbie Tucker’s car business marked ‘permanently closed’ after flood of one-star reviews

A man has been forced to close his used car business after his Facebook page was loaded with a series of one-star reviews following an incident in which he and his mother shouted homophobic slurs at a pregnant soldier.

Robbie Tucker and his 71-year-old mother went viral earlier this month when a short video of them lambasting two soldiers over a parking dispute in Macon, Georgia, was posted online.

The video, which was posted on Facebook, has been watched by 2.7 million people to date – and those people are not happy with Tucker and his mother.

In a series of reviews on Tucker’s vintage car repair shop, Corvette Classics, reviewers have made clear exactly what they think of the pair and their offensive antics.

“You are an absolute embarrassment to not only Corvette owners but humankind as a whole,” wrote one reviewer.

“Maybe next time you will think twice about exposing that hateful underbelly,” they added.

“What grown man puts his hands on a woman, let alone a pregnant one, without threat?” said another commenter.

Since the deluge of posts criticising the business, Tucker has marked his car repair shop as “permanently closed.”

During the incident, Tucker allegedly called U.S. Army Reserve captains Stephanie Mitchell and Treasury Sharpe “black, lesbian bitches” outside Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen restaurant.

His mother then continued to hurl insults at the pair, eventually hitting Sharpe, who is pregnant.

Tucker went up to the women and told them to “learn how to park” before saying they were “dumb bitches.”

Sharpe told the mother and son that she was pregnant, but this did not stop the aggression, with the son even asking, “Oh really, by her?” while pointing at Mitchell.

His mother also hit the woman and was arrested and taken to Bibb County Jail.

Tucker has been released from jail on a $650 bail bond.