Britain’s Got Talent favourite Jenny Darren ‘wrote anti-gay poem’ and liked homophobic YouTube videos

Britain’s Got Talent contestant Jenny Darren is under fire over revelations about her anti-LGBT online history.

The rock-loving pensioner wowed fans in the episode of the ITV talent contest that aired on Saturday, with a performance of AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell.”

But the 68-year-old woman, who told the show’s judges that she is also a poet, is under scrutiny after allegations that some of her poetry had a homophobic slant.

The Sun reports that one poem written for the Jenny Darren Poetry Page on Facebook, titled The Future, “lashes out at LGBT relationships.”

The newspaper also alleges that videos liked by Darren’s YouTube account included at least one calling gay relationships “a prevalent sin in society.”

Darren’s online presence has been scoured in the wake of The Sun story.

A spokesperson for Britain’s Got Talent said: “Any prejudicial language or behaviour is abhorrent to everyone involved in BGT, which is an inclusive show.

“As a result, Jenny Darren has been reprimanded by producers regarding her previous statements, and has been warned over her future conduct. She has profusely apologised.”

Darren has also attempted to smooth over allegations about homophobia by penning a new poem about her unnamed gay best friend.

She wrote:

My best friend is gay
(It’s his right of way)
& it’s all okay
I love everyone in the world.

ANY way…

We are all connected
No one is rejected
nothing is expected
I LOVE my best friend.!

My best friend for years
since the age of 26
we’ve talked about sex
& hormones and things
It’s all roundabouts and swings
yet Life seems to be all about strings
& harmonies, and whatever it brings

The poem was accompanied by a picture of rainbow flowers.

However, fans have questioned her future on the show in the wake of the revelations – and producers have reportedly warned Darren that she could be ejected over her future conduct.

Other notable Britain’s Got Talent contestants this year include same-sex dance partners David and Javier.

The pair’s salsa earned rave reviews from the judges – with David Walliams taking time to throw some shade at BBC show Strictly Come Dancing over its ongoing ban on same-sex dance pairings.

Walliams said: “I loved it. It just shows there’s nothing funny about two men dancing together.

“I don’t know why the show on the BBC doesn’t have two men dancing together.”