This hilarious list of the top excuses to get out of a date will have you howling

The only thing worse than going on a date you don’t want to go on is finding an excuse to avoid the date you don’t want to go on.

In the face of all of our romantic hopes and dreams, sometimes we simply just can’t be bothered to interact with another human being.

And it’s for these moments that we need to resort to Ranker, which has created the definitive list of excuses to get out of an impending dull date.

At first, the list seemed to be surprisingly pragmatic.

But as the excuses continued, we realised that the list’s creators are nothing short of hilarious.

And then some other keenos got a bit too involved and started killing off their relatives.

And if grandma’s in doubt, Great Aunt Mildred’s a shout.

The team’s personal favourite, however, is the old “my dog noshed a pack of thin mints and now I’m going to the veterinary A & E” excuse.

And if you don’t have a dog, borrow someone else’s.

Of course, saving yourself for marriage is the sure fire excuse to end all potential of dating that person altogether (we jest).

But whatever you do folks, don’t bother with the emergency phone call excuse – unless you really, really, really despise the person.

We mean like, despise them with every fibre of your being and “swiped right for them when you were inebriated and can’t remember the next day” level of excuse.

But coming in at number one is the best one of the lot: honesty. Urgh. a bit boring though isn’t it?

Happy dating cancellations, esteemed reader.