Fab Guys: Everything you need to know about the gay dating site

A screengrab of gay and bi men dating site FabGuys.com's homepage, super-imposted over a shirtless man.

Fab Guys, like Grindr, Hornet, Scruff, Blued and Chappy, is a dating app for gay men. But it’s been around for a lot longer than the likes of Tinder.

FabGuys.com is a dating site and for gay and bi men which was founded in 2005, and boasts an ever-increasing user base.

Here’s everything you need to know…

What is FabGuys.com?

Fab Guys, or FabGuys as it’s sometimes better known, describes itself as a dating site for gay guys which is “fun, free and fabulous”.

Despite specifying only gay men, it also caters to bisexual men and transgender people, although the profile options are more limited for the latter.

The site is owned by Fabulous Entertainment and has a sister site FabSwingers.com, which was founded by a swinging couple and which caters to the swinging community.

Fab Guys can either be used via desktop computer or through the FabGuys.com mobile web app.

Should I join Fab Guys?

Fab Guys is free to join and free to use – it allows you to browse users close to your location and chat with people online.

If you are looking to meet people on your travels (the list of countries is slightly limited), or local to you, then why not give it a go? The user interface is a little dated, but it is functional to the point of being able to arrange a meetup using the free version.

How do I join Fab Guys?

You can sign up at FabGuys.com in around five minutes. Just enter some personal details, which are meant to be kept private by the site, and you can browse local people straight away.

Do I have to pay?

FabGuys.com is free to join and free to use.

But is FabGuys.com really free to use?

The vast majority of features on Fab Guys are free to sign up for and free to use. There is an option to sign up as a ‘Site Supporter’ which would give you access to extra features such as large webcam video in the chat rooms and the ability to see which users have viewed you.

Can I use Fab Guys at work?

Don’t do it! If you have a job where you can’t view 18+ content during work hours, it is best to save this for when you get home.

The homepage reads: “FabGuys.com is for adults 18+ only.”

There are plenty of profiles with NSFW profile pictures and they are hard to avoid, so even trying to take a sneak peek at your messages could leave you in a slightly awkward situation…

I’m going abroad on holiday – does Fab Guys work there?

Fab Guys is available in several countries including the UK.

If you are travelling to Australia, Canada, Ireland or New Zealand then you should be able to use Fab Guys while you are there.

So how do I sign up?

1. Click ‘join us’ on the homepage.

2. Enter a username (not your real name!), an email address and a password. Then select whether you are male, a male couple or transgender or a cross-dresser.

Then enter your date of birth, select that you are over 18 and whether you want your computer to remember your login details, and finally click ‘I am over 18, create my account’.

3. Now you will be asked who you want to meet – select whether you want to meet a man, a male couple, or a transgender person or cross dresser, select an age range, whether you will happily meet smokers and if you can travel or accommodate or both. Select your country and click save and continue.

4. For your personal details, you will be asked for the first half of your postcode (for the UK), this will be kept private and only used for searching for nearby matches. You are also asked to enter a town, your first name, initial or nickname, date of birth, your sexuality, height and body type, whether you have tattoos and piercings and whether you drink.

You are then asked to select a role from versatile, bottom, top or oral, your race, dick size and whether you are a smoker.

5. You should then enter a profile title and a short bio, and select from a long list of interests.

After clicking next, you will be all set up to use the site in full. You can browse for users near you, chat with people on cam and add more information and photos to your own profile.

How to stay safe on Fab Guys

In December 2017, 19-year-old Gubair Boshir, a former restaurant worker, was sentenced to 17 years behind bars after he tried to murder a man he met through Fab Guys.

Cardiff Crown Court heard that Boshir had arranged to meet his unnamed victim at his flat where he strangled him and stabbed him multiple times with a knife. He also stole a mobile phone and £180 in cash from his victim before fleeing.

Miraculously the victim – who cannot be named for legal reasons – survived and was left with scarring to his face and body following the incident.

The judge described the incident as “horrific”, saying the attack was sustained with stabbing and strangulation.

Boshir was not the first and probably won’t be the last to attempt to cause harm to someone he met on a dating site. As ever, it is advisable to exercise caution when using any dating or hook-up app or site.

For some tips on how to stay safe and be sensible while meeting people, check out 15 ways you can stay safe on Grindr and other dating apps.

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