This hilarious meme about dating left-wing lesbians has gone viral

Do you see public displays of affection as a radical act, or have you considered marrying your girlfriend in spite of saying you’ll never get hitched in your lifetime?

Congratulations, you’ve just become a stereotype in left-wing lesbian dating bingo.

For those not in the know, dating bingo – which features a grid full of the most hilarious dating tropes according to your political leanings – was first shared on Twitter among US heterosexuals.

The grid, which catalogues all of the slightly jarring quirks and hypocrisies we encounter when we date, has definitely hit home with users of the micro-blogging website.

Inspired by the grid’s ridiculousness, UK users decided to make a version about left-leaning straight men, which then led to the gay community creating two iconic versions, for the leftists amongst us and the right-wing types.

However, one stone was left unturned – just what pitfalls do gay lefty women encounter in their dating quests?

Cue Twitter user Jazz Adamson making a bingo grid for queer left-wing women – complete with the prescribed scathing Robyn and Taylor Swift references.

“I saw @seanbgoneill had made a gay dating grid for men and thought it was perfect. After that, I thought we now deserve a queer girl one,” creator Adamson told PinkNews.

“Aubergine literally tastes like meat,” jokes one grid square.

“Tinder bio included their star sign at one point,” says another.

We envision a horde of lefty lesbians had to cross off “Has a Ruby Tandoh Guardian pullout,” “Class appropriative footwear” and “Always talking about a PhD they can’t afford,” too. Ouch.

“I don’t know who you are but I would like you to stop bullying me please,” mocked one woman feeling the burn.

“Omfg. I got like 13 of these,” tweeted another appreciator.

“DEAD at ‘had a boyfriend,'” joked illustrator Flo Perry.

Whether you tick one square or a full house, dear reader, we bid you a happy dating bingo.