Dating app Happn launches ‘invisible’ discretion mode so you can’t accidentally match with your boss

It is the last taboo of the dating app that so many are resistant to going incognito. Unbelievably, there is no way to log out of Grindr when you’re at Sunday lunch with the relatives or when you’re at work. Now dating app Happn reckon they’ve got the answer.

The “first mobile dating app to use geo-location to help you discover the people you’ve crossed paths with in real life” has launched a clever new invisible mode, to protect the app from becoming intrusive.

Ever had a Grindr message alert during a work meeting, or spotted the guy who works in accounts pop up on Jack’d? Anyone who’s ever had a message alert when they least want it, this update is for you.

“We wanted to offer this option to people who were at odds with always having their profile visible to other users,” explained Clare Certain, who is head of trends at Happn.

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Happn links you with the people you pass (and fancy) on the street (Happn)

“After discussing with our users, we wanted to enhance and ease the experience of those who prefer to be more discreet about their dating preferences and availability, especially in the workplace.”

“We’re happy to help them simply decide whether or not they are in the mood for love or a new encounter.”

Invisible mode can be switched on or off depending on your location, to give users complete control over when and where their profile is viewable.

Although other apps should figure our their own versions of discretion mode, the Invisible setting is particularly useful for users of Happn.

The app uniquely throws up matches of the people users have interacted with throughout their day, perhaps without even knowing.

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Happn has a unique premise (Happn)

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So the person you sat next to on the tube, or walked past on the street, may appear in your matches if they’re also a Happn user.

The flexible features can be activated for eight hours straight, or simply customised to suit your preferences during the day.

The most popular option thus far allows users to switch off ‘crossovers’ during the working day, so users don’t ‘cross’ with colleagues or people who work in the building.

Happn is available in all the usual formats, via App Store, Play Store and Windows Store.

The app’s premise of matching you with crushes you pass on the street suits either casual hook ups or longer-term dating, but really harnesses on the excitement of that initial instant crush.

The app, which is inclusive of queer people, has 50 million users in 40 countries across the world.