Troye Sivan reveals the dating app ‘red flag’ that makes him swipe left

Troye Sivan in the "Rush" music video. (YouTube)

Troye Sivan has revealed that he has a Hinge account. And if you happen to match with Troye, he’s already shared the number one red flag he watches out for.

The Aussie star has also shared his number one tip when it comes to using ‘the apps’. Basically, if you want Troye’s advice, meet them in person ASAP.

Giving the full low-down on KIIS FM’s The Kyle and Jackie O Show, Troye warned that sometimes the dating apps can give you “the illusion that you’re doing something about your dating life. It makes you feel like you’re doing something, but you’re not. You’re sitting on the couch.

“Go and meet the person in real life, and at least you know then. You know what I mean? You’ve met a real person and made a connection with someone.”

And if that in-person connection fizzles out fast, Troye’s got you covered with his fool-proof date night routine.

Troye Sivan wears a black pinstriped blazer and low cut top.
Troye has shared his top dating tips. (Getty/Monica Schipper)

“I really like a 6pm or 6.30pm drink with the option to go to a dinner afterward with them,” he spilled, explaining that if you need to get out of it, you can tell your date you already had plans to meet friends for dinner.

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“So you go at 6pm, you have a drink or two, and then you’re like, ‘Oh, damn I’m meeting my friends for dinner at 8pm so I’ve got to run!’ That seems very chill to me.

“Or if it’s going well, you don’t say that and you say, ‘Should we go and grab some food?’”

Troye crafted out his infallible date night after joining Hinge back in 2020 when the COVID-19 boredom kicked in. But he didn’t exactly get off to a smooth start.

“I tried Hinge and they blocked me,” he confessed, revealing that users kept reporting him because they thought his profile was fake.

Eventually, Hinge “fortified” Troye’s account to put a stop to all the suspicion.

“It can’t be reported now. I have the account now forever and I can’t get banned.”

So if you do see Troye’s face pop up on your Hinge, chances are it really is him. But before you try shooting your shot, be warned that the ‘Rush’ singer always has his eye out for one particular ‘red flag’.

A still from Troye Sivan's Rush music video.
If you do see Troye’s face pop up on your Hinge, chances are it really is him. (YouTube)

When asked what would make him a little wary about a potential new connection, Troye replied: “I feel like when you don’t know what they do.

“I don’t care what people do, but – and maybe it’s an entertainment industry thing or an LA thing but – there’s a lot of very beautiful people that you don’t really know what they do [for work].

“That always, to me, is a little bit of a red flag. It always makes me nervous.”

With all that in mind, Troye confessed he spends a lot less time on dating apps.

The singer admitted that he doesn’t really use Hinge as much these days, though he does still have it downloaded on his phone.

“I was excited when I got it. I probably used it really actively for, like, two weeks or something. But after a while, it feels a bit like a job.”

Relatable, Troye. Very relatable.

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