Young Tories say they’re called homophobic for political beliefs in viral video – and the internet has thoughts

A viral video of young UK Conservatives opening up about he abuse they face has divided Twitter. (Screen capture via Telegraph Politics/Twitter)

A viral video of young UK Tories outlining the discrimination they face for their political beliefs has split Twitter in half.

The three supporters of the ruling Conservative party spoke to The Telegraph about the assumptions people make of them, with one recounting: “People assume that we aren’t allies to the LGBT+ community.”

And it was this comment in particular that prompted Twitter to divide into two camps – those who listed out the anti-LGBT+ bills and beliefs of the blue tie party, and those who found sympathy with and defended the young Tories.

“They acting like the T in LGBT means Tory”, LGBT+ Twitter takes anti-Tory stance.

Some users armed themselves with history books and voting records. Recounting how Conservative cabinets both past and present have introduced anti-LGBT+ legislation or rescinded bills that protected or enshrined rights onto the community.

Pockets of Conservative lawmakers have been scrutinised by rights activists and groups for voting against pro-LGBT+ bills in the past.

The party did introduce marriage equality in 2013 under David Cameron. It also muted all mention of LGBT+ themes when parliament introduced Section 28 in 1988, Twitter users relayed.

However, many Conservative lawmakers voted in favour of mandatory LGBT-inclusive sex and relationships teaching in UK schools. Voting records have softened over the years.


Others pointed towards the Home Office, the government department responsible for migration, which has come under fire for its high refusal rate of queer asylum seekers.

Moreover, the department has deployed not ticking certain queer stereotypes and even having homophobic relatives as reasons to discredit a seeker’s application, according to interviews with claimants and reports.

Users also quizzed the broadsheet for amplifying the experiences of the young Tories at a time where hate crime has rocketed against LGBT+ people.

A few users said that while the young Tories interviewed have been called “Tory scum”, their party’s leader, Boris Johnson, has come consistently under fire for his use of problematic language. Such as calling gay people “tank-topped bum boys”.

“I have had all the same abuse described by my younger colleagues,” says trans Tory member.

Of the Twitter users defending the young Conservatives, some said the party has softened in its stance on LGBT+ rights over the decades.

LGBT+ Conservatives also defended themselves amid criticism, encouraging people to align with the politics they believe in.

Sue Pascoe, the first trans person to stand as a Conservative candidate in the European elections this year, expressed her empathy towards the three.

She told PinkNews:  “As a conservative woman with a trans past, I have had all the same abuse described by my younger colleagues.

“I’ve also had targeted social media pile-ons, messages sent to my work place, my property vandalised, invitations to the gas chamber and Mumsnet hate campaigns against me speaking up as a conservative.

“The hate comes almost exclusively from left-wing socialists. Despite this I continue to stand for LGBT rights for all parts of our UK so we can be our authentic selves and love who we choose.”

Similarly, some Twitter users expressed their relief that the criticism conservative-leaning people face is being discussed.

One said: “I’m glad this is getting highlighted because it is a major issue with our society!”

“The replies to this just show how many sad people there are in the world who won’t accept that not everyone agrees with them.

“Stand up for what you believe in.”

“Disagreeing, arguing or debating a political opinion is fine but if you attack a person based on political beliefs are you really any better of a human being that you believe they are?” questioned a user.

“I’m very left-leaning but don’t physically assault my best mates because they’re right-leaning.”