Lesbian couple wins the internet for this hilarious post about their newborn

This lesbian couple has won the internet in a particularly spellbinding fashion.

However, their plans were derailed with one bump in the road: their baby boy.

In consequence, the pair rearranged the letters at hand to read something a bit more accurate.

“A lesbian couple I know just had a son + redecorated accordingly,” tweeted @astrobubble.

It appears that the tweet went down a storm with the Twitterati, and garnered 14,000 retweets and 70,000 likes in the process.

“Two mums = twice the silly dad jokes, somehow,” tweeted @_strayling.

“Anyone know where this bunting is from? I need it,” asked another user.

“That is actually adorable :D,” said another fan.

“I hope any friends of his (who are boys) are gonna be allowed too.”

“GOALS!” chipped in another.

However, there’s always some duds trying to chime in and ruin the party.

“No Boys Allowed? I thought progressive people were suppose to let their kid choose their own gender,” wrote one straight white male.

“It’s a joke, buddy, get a hobby,” added another.

“A lesbian couple that don’t prefer a boy. That sounds open-minded!” chipped in another negative Nancy.

This is of course, far from the first time lesbians have won the internet.

This hilarious meme about dating left-wing lesbians went viral after it all-too-accurately denoted the characteristics we know and love about liberal lesbians.

The grid, which catalogues all of the slightly jarring quirks and hypocrisies we encounter when we date, has definitely hit home with users of the micro-blogging website.

Another lesbian meme recently took the internet by storm (Twitter)

Inspired by the grid’s ridiculousness, UK users decided to make a version about left-leaning straight men, which then led to the gay community creating two iconic versions, for the leftists amongst us and the right-wing types.

“I saw @seanbgoneill had made a gay dating grid for men and thought it was perfect. After that, I thought we now deserve a queer girl one,” creator Jazz Adamson told PinkNews.