Elton John delights fans with CBeebies bedtime story appearance

Elton John fans experienced a pleasant surprise on Thursday when the star gave his voice to a CBeebies bedtime story.

The father-of-two delighted fans old and young as he read The Dog Detectives: Lost in London by Zoa Gypsy, Fin Gypsy and Monika Suska for the programme on Thursday.

The story follows canine detectives trying to source six missing black ravens, who are the guardians of London.

“Family is always really important to me, no less so this year, where they have been supporting me on my Farewell Tour launch and working on the movie Sherlock Gnomes.

“I now get to read a bedtime story to families all over the UK on CBeebies. It was a great day and I hope you enjoy it,” the singer told the BBC.

Fans posted an overwhelmingly positive response to the star’s unexpected appearance on Twitter.

“I don’t know about you but I find it much more therapeutic going to bed after a bedtime story by Elton John,” tweeted one fan.

“Shut the front door, it’s Elton John,” added another.

John joins a list of unlikely storytellers for the children’s TV channel.

Tom Hardy, Dolly Parton and astronaut Tim Peake have also read stories for their younger fans.

The singer has denied that he will be retiring from touring this year.

Speculations over the star’s health were made after he said he was “very close to death” at the end of his 2017 tour.

“I was very unlucky. I got a clean bill of health in March just after my birthday,” the star told The Sun.

“I went to South America, had a wonderful tour with James Taylor. Came back from Chile, felt bad on the plane, got home on a Tuesday night. I was in intensive care on Thursday and stayed there for two nights.

“I was very, very close to death. I didn’t know that.”