John Cena gets naked at Oscars to present award – and the gays are thirsty

John Cena presents Best Costumer Design at the 2024 Oscars.

Wrestler and Hollywood’s henchest heartthrob John Cena has sent Oscars viewers into a frenzy after appearing on stage completely naked.

Appearing at last night’s Academy Awards (10 March), Barbie star John Cena scuttled onto the stage naked to present the Oscar for Best Costume Design.

The actor, 46, appeared to be almost entirely nude, wearing only Birkenstocks and holding an envelope that read “Costume Design” over his manhood.

After he slowly approached the microphone, he said just one word that had the audience in fits of laughter: “Costumes…”.

“Costumes… are so important,” he continued, to a round of applause and joyous looks from Margot Robbie and Carey Mulligan.

“Maybe the most important thing there is. I can’t open the envelope,” he added, as host Jimmy Kimmel appeared behind him to give him a hand reading out the nominees.

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The Best Costume Design accolade was eventually given to Yorgos Lanthimos’ Poor Things starring Emma Stone, but the focus had already been firmly pulled from the award.

“I’m foaming at the mouth over John Cena,” wrote one very thirsty poster on X/Twitter.

“Some young gay watching the Oscars 2024 with his nana just connected the dots. Now that’s allyship, @JohnCena,” shared a second.

A third added: “As a gay man, this ‘John Cena streaker’ bit is HIGHLY pleasing to me.”

Yet we have some devastating news to bring, as photos taken backstage at the Oscars appear to show that Cena wasn’t entirely naked at all.

Photos and footage show the star wearing a nude-coloured codpiece and pads covering up his backside and genitals, sending fans into even more of a frenzy.

Despite Cena’s nearly-nude appearance simply being a comedic bit, right-wing commentators and social media trolls have lept to decry it as a symptom of a failing society. Yes, really.

Self-proclaimed misogynist Andrew Tate declared that Cena was “doing his humiliation ritual to satisfy his gay paymasters,” adding that he would never be convinced to do the same – not that he would be asked, mind.

“What’s really wrong with John Cena, is this normal? Men used to be men,” wrote another very upset social media dweller.

John Cena nude at the 2024 oscars
John Cena at the 96th Annual Oscars. (Getty/Rich Polk)

“John Cena had an opportunity to retire like a hero, but no,” added a third.

Meanwhile, Cena – who currently has a net worth of around $80 million – is unlikely to be phased by what right-wing mouthpieces have to say.

“If life gives you a chance, the best way to honor it is to give everything you can,” he wrote on X/Twitter, hours before the Academy Awards began.

And reader, he truly did give the gays everything he could.