Photo series challenges what a non-binary person looks like

Non-binary artist Jackson Akitt photographs their community to tackle the current “lacking” representation.

They aim to not only boost positive visibility of non-binary people in the media, but to also create an image which represents each model in “the way they see themselves.”

Akitt spoke exclusively to PinkNews about their portraits and exploring their non-binary identity.

“I try to create portraits taken with a softness and care, whilst also being quite matter-of-fact.

“Non-binary people exist in a whole spectrum of ways and there is no one way to be non-binary.

“So I think it’s important to represent that spectrum and emphasise the differences as well as our common ground.

“We use a variety of pronouns, express our gender in a massive range of different ways, there are so many identities that come under the umbrella term of non-binary.”

One portrait which stands out for Akitt, is the photograph of Sub.

Akitt explained: “They are my partner’s oldest friend, and we did our shoot the first time we met.

Akitt’s portrait of Sub (Instagram/nonbinaryportraits)

“I think it felt particularly special because of this connection, that this person had been in my partner’s life for 26 years before I even met my partner, and that they had found each other as 11 year old kids who both were non-binary trans but didn’t have the language for it for such a long time too.

“It’s always special to photograph people who are non-binary and have had longer lives and children of their own too, as I think it really tackles this false idea that being non-binary is just for younger people, as if it’s a phase people go through.”

Akitt told PinkNews they came out as non-binary in the last few years and, since beginning the photo series, hopes to create a book with the images one day.

“I’ve been out as non-binary for a little shy of four years now, and use they/them pronouns.

Akitt’s portrait of Candice (Instagram/nonbinaryportraits)

“I don’t feel comfortable being referred to in gendered ways, and feel very androgynous.

“Agender is another term I relate to, which means that I don’t identify with any gender, though there is a level of fluidity involved for me too – somedays I feel more masculine and some days more effeminate, but always some balance of the two.

“It’s a big source of pride for me, being non-binary transgender, and being around other people in the community as much as I can be brings me a lot of joy and warmth.

Non-binary photographer Akitt (Jackson Akitt)

“The ultimate dream that I’m working towards however is a book containing the portraits and perhaps words provided by each subject.”