Crowdfunder suspends ‘deeply transphobic’ school resources campaign

Crowdfunder has suspended a fundraising page – rebuked by trans campaigners for being “deeply transphobic” – which had been set up by a group concerned by the “current trend to diagnose ‘gender non-conforming’ children as transgender.”

Trans rights campaigners had heavily criticised the fundraiser set up by Transgender Trend, which sought to raise money towards providing schools with hard copies of resource packs on the subject, describing it as “incredibly harmful” for children.

Now, Transgender Trend has posted on Twitter saying they were told by Crowdfunder that the page has been” suspended pending further investigation, due to an ‘unprecedented number of complaints.'”

A link to the where the Crowdfunder page was no longer works. PinkNews has contacted Crowdfunder for comment.


The resource packs, the Transgender Trend group had said on the page, include “testimonies from young people who have desisted or detransitioned,” alongside comments from one teacher “who has witnessed the increase in the number of young people identifying as ‘trans’ in their school.”

This guidance, the fundraiser page added, also includes a statement from the Lesbian Rights Alliance, which is known for its trans-exclusionary views. A recent event by the Lesbian Rights Alliance on Eventbrite was called “Transgenderism and Lesbian Erasure.” 

The group behind the resource packs also stated that it is “concerned about legislation which places transgender rights above the right to safety for girls and young women in public bathrooms and changing rooms.”

Trans rights campaigners had rallied against the Crowdfunder, which had raised about £4,767 of its £10,000 target before the page was suspended.

Speaking to PinkNews, Owl, a non-binary trans activist and filmmaker, said: “The guide is deeply transphobic and isn’t meant to support or help anyone at all. The fact that it is dressed up as a reliable resource for school is incredibly disingenuous and deceitful, as it isn’t based in research or factual evidence.

“It advocates against supporting trans kids, and is incredibly harmful and full of misinformation and misguided concerns.

“Trans kids experience high rates of bullying, self harm and suicide and a resource of this kind will only affect the lives of young trans kids negatively.”

Fox (left) and Owl. (theFoxFisher/Twitter)

Meanwhile, Fox Fisher, a non-binary trans activist and filmmaker, described the fundraiser as “deeply troubling” and made a “plea to the Department of Education to have this fundraiser rebuked, as it will only cause serious harm to a vulnerable group of students that require support now more than ever.”

They told PinkNews: “It is frankly disgusting and the creators of this should be ashamed of themselves and the harm this will have on the lives of innocent kids that just want to live their lives free from prejudice and discrimination.

Sarah Brown said the organisers behind the fundraiser were “a hate group trying to spread discredited ideas.”

“What they are doing is dangerous and reminiscent of the sort of thing that happened under Section 28,” Brown added.

“I hope the Department of Education steps in.”

The Crowdfunder, called ‘Transgender Trend Schools Resource Pack’, had stated: “Our aim is to arm schools with all the relevant facts so that teachers feel more informed and confident in creating a safe school for all pupils, including non-conforming children and those who identify as ‘transgender’.”


“Our resource pack covers advice for school leaders, tips on how to create a school culture of acceptance of gender non-conformity without denying biological sex, communication, primary schools and secondary schools, existing safeguarding policies and guidance, the legal situation for schools, and a glossary of terms.”