People are loving this train company’s sassy replies to customers upset by Pride Month celebrations

A train company was not in the mood to put up with homophobes when it rolled out its annual Pride month celebrations.

The Virgin Trains East Coast franchise updated its online presence at the start of the month to mark June’s Pride month celebrations.

The company explained on Facebook: “To celebrate #PrideMonth, we’ve changed our Social Media logos to show our support.

“We’re sponsoring York Pride on 9th June and recently launched our #Trainbow livery.

“We believe everyone should be able to love who they want, and be who they truly are. ️‍ ”

The news went down well with customers… but naturally, not all the customers.

However, the company’s community support staff were on hand to provide thorough responses to those who were upset by the decision.

One user, David, complained: “I should have thought you ought to be concentrating on running your train service.”

But a Virgin Trains rep known as ‘KM’ responded: “We can support basic human rights for all while running our train service David. It’s called multi-tasking.”

David responded: “All style over substance, you are a transport company not Amnesty International.”

But KM was not finished. They added: “We don’t have to be a charity to be decent human beings David. We support numerous initiatives including CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) which tackles male suicides, one of the biggest issues we face as a transport company.

“We also have a large and diverse workforce and it’s important we continue to represent those who society has historically let down.”

A second customer, Rory, complained that the Pride celebrations were just a “pointless publicity stunt to show how hip and modern you are.”

KM responded: “Yes, supporting the rights of people in the LGBTQ+ community is just a publicity stunt, and not because we’re decent human beings Rory with a large and diverse workforce.”

The sassy responses went down well with others on the social network – with several praising the customer support team’s willingness to call out ignorance.

Others began to campaign for KM to be installed as the company’s CEO.

The East Coast franchise is ironically part-owned by Stagecoach Group, whose founder Brian Souter is known for his strong opposition to LGBT rights.

Of course, there’s another reason the customer service representative may be suffering from a ‘chronic lack of giving-a-f**k’ at the moment: The Virgin Trains East Coast franchise is due to close later this month when the line is renationalised, after the operators made heavy losses.

Not to be outdone by the East Coast line, Virgin Trains West Coast unveiled a rainbow train.