For someone who rages against snowflakes, Piers Morgan is seriously, seriously upset by the LGBT-inclusive Pride train

Piers Morgan train

Piers Morgan, who regularly calls out queer people and their allies for being snowflakes, is very upset about an LGBT-inclusive Pride train.

On Tuesday, 25 August, rail company Avanti West Coast unveiled a Pride train staffed by an all-LGBT+ crew.

The train’s design incorporates all the colours of the progress Pride flag, making a poignant statement about the inclusion of trans people and people of colour in the LGBT+ community.

The 11-carriage, 265 metre-long train was waved off for its maiden journey by Avanti West Coast staff at London Euston on Tuesday, with the train “filled with literature, stories and colourful posters and will feature Pride related information and fun facts during the onboard announcements”.

While train manager Paul Austin explained that the LGBT-inclusive train was “about being accepted for who I am and representing the LGBT+ community we serve across our network,” and “a sign of the steps we’re taking towards a more inclusive, diverse and equal society”, Piers Morgan clearly did not understand.

He was very upset about the Pride train, asking his followers: “Why?”

His tweet quickly whipped up anti-LGBT+ hatred among his followers, with one describing the train as “sickening” and demanding: “We need a traditional family train now and we are set!”

Another wrote: “Discriminating against straight people! I think its about time LGBTQ+ becomes SLGBTQ+!

“And then we can just forget all this bulls**t and concentrate on more important issues!”

London’s iconic queer venue The Royal Vauxhall Tavern pointed out the impact of the Good Morning Britain presenter’s tweet, telling Morgan: “The thing is, Piers, when you tweet stuff like this your followers then feel emboldened to openly attack LGBTQ+ people in the replies and in the street.

“Yet you stay silent. Your silence speaks volumes.”

But Morgan doubled down on his previous tweet, hitting back: “It’s perfectly possible to be a long-time vocal supporter of gay rights – like me – AND think a gay train is ridiculous.”


Luckily, Jo Frost, otherwise known as Supernanny, was quick to put Morgan in his place.

She wrote: “But it’s not a gay train, it’s an opportunity to take a train and promote the awareness and inclusion needed.

“Networks use bus stops, buses, bill boards to promote, why not I say, it’s a great idea!”