YouTube twins come out to mum – and her reaction is brilliant

YouTuber twins Luc and Cooper Coyle came out to their mum in an adorable video – and her reaction was heartwarming.

The 19-year-old duo decided to both reveal that they are gay in a phone call to their mum, which they uploaded in a video on YouTube, and also used the moment to come out to their fans.

In the video, the pair – who have 36,000 subscribers – explain to viewers: “As you guys know, Luc and I are both very open on our YouTube channel. We basically share every aspect of our life with you guys.

“You know, we’re very open and honest, but this is kind of the one thing we’ve never really addressed and it’s the fact that – yes, we are gay.”

They described how they were out to their friends at college but their family back home didn’t know, describing their sexuality as “the elephant in the room.”

The twins then phone their mum, before stalling for twenty minutes to discuss other things, before finally revealing they are gay.

The twins in their video. (Coyle Twins/YouTube)

After the twins revealed their sexuality to their mum, she responded: “Okay… so what?”

She added: “I don’t see why you would have to address it, heterosexual people don’t have to say ‘I’m heterosexual.'”

Their mum continued: “As long as you’re happy, and you know who you are, that makes daddy and I happy.

“We’re happy if you’re happy.”

“If this is who you are, then this is who you are. You’re born that way. You’re not different from anybody else.

“You’re my babies, I love you, daddy and I are always here to support you.”

Relief! (Coyle Twins/YouTube)

Luc, visibly relieved, responded: “That makes us so happy to hear. We know how loving and accepting you are but it’s still a little nerve-wracking. I don’t know why.

“I’ve realised other people aren’t as lucky as us to have a mum like you. We want to thank you for when we were growing up because you never pressured us to be someone else.”

Their mum said: “Always just be who you are. Never hide who you are.”

And she had a strongly worded warning for the homophobes out there.

“And if anyone ever said anything or did anything [to you], I would f**king scratch their eyes out.”

Watch the cute video below: