People are losing their collective minds over this stunning trans guy – and we can see why

Composite image showing Jerzey Saint Wilson on the right, competing in a drag pageant, and on the right, posing shirtless on Instagram. A tweet claimed he is the son of actor and comedian Tommy Davidson

LA-based trans man Jerzey Saint Wilson, a.k.a. Saint St Laurent, has gone viral after a video of him taking part in a “trans man realness” competition resurfaced, amid claims he’s comedian Tommy Davidson’s son.

The contest was part of The Main Attraction Arcade Ball, a video-game themed drag ballroom extravaganza that was held in LA’s fashion district on 18 November 2023.

Drag balls, for those not in the know, are a form of underground queer subculture, founded by Black trans and queer folks, which sees contestants “walk” (i.e., compete), perform, dance, lip-sync, and model in different categories. Similar categories and judging can be seen on reality TV shows such as RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Wilson appears to have been competing in the “Private Security” category, which was described as: “Being security for a building is one thing. But you work for one of the biggest gaming executives of all time. You got the job because you fit all the criteria. One you’re ready for anything and the look of intimidation to match. In a nice clean look of your choice come and show why the boss made the right choice.”


Transman Realness SAINT St. Laurent (@westside.jerzey.saint) . . . Mother Calypso Balmain, Father Torie Balmain, Hazel Balmain presents: The Main Attraction Arcade Ball 11/18/23 . . . Commentated By @Enycesmith . . . Captured by: @fatha_lyght x Curated by: @rybproductionsinc . . . #Fyp #Transmanrealness #10s #foryourpage #model #saintlaurent #transman #transisbeautiful #ftm #explorepage #ballroom #Westcoastballroom #rybproductionsinc #artist #tattoos

♬ original sound – RyB Productions Inc.

The clip of Wilson was reshared on Twitter/X by user @TheBaddestMitch on 12 April 2024 with the caption: “Did y’all know Tommy Davidson had a trans son?! He’s gorgeous!” and went viral, with over 3000 retweets. It’s viewed over two million times.

Tommy Davidson is a US actor and comedian. Two children are listed on Wikipedia – Isaiah Davidson and Jillian Davidson, however in a 2023 YouTube interview he talks about having at least six children.

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Jerzey Saint Wilson replied to @TheBaddestMitch to thank her for sharing the clip, and didn’t deny the claim that he is Tommy Davidson’s son, saying: “@TheBaddestMitch YOU THE GOAT… you don’t even know what you started. appreciate you shawty.”

He also shared some smouldering bonus snaps of himself, to keep his new fans happy:

The vast majority of replies to the initial tweet were positive. Well, positively thirsty, anyway.

One of the first people to reply quipped: “If we try real hard I’m sure he can get me pregnant.” Another user said: “Does he need anything? Uber? Good? Pu-place to stay?” A third person wrote: “Okay I might need to start dating more trans men because (long series of horny emojis).”

A fourth said: “Yes, he was at a ball in LA i went to 2 weeks ago and won best transman. he was fine for sure.”

Wilson thanked people for their praise-filled comments, and also found time to reply to the inevitable handful of negative, anti-trans trolls.

When one person wrote: “Yall all lesbians lmao this is a woman cosplaying as man, Wilson responded: “First of all this ain’t COSPLAY What you see before you is a man getting way more attention than you’ll ever get. The costume was the security fit. And why are you even discussing what goes on in my bedroom. Pull your skirt up your insecurity is showing man.”

Jerzey Saint Wilson is also on Instagram, where he’s been documenting his transgender journey for years.

PinkNews has reached out to representatives of Tommy Davidson for comment.