Man claims dick pic he sent to 15-year-old boy was meant for Grindr date

A football coach who sent a photo of his penis to a 15-year-old boy on Snapchat claims he meant to send the image to a potential Grindr date.

Blair Barlow, who was a coach for Scottish League Two Stirling Albion’s junior academy, was found guilty of attempting to cause a child to look at a sexualised image, reports The Scottish Sun.

Stirling Sheriff Court heard how Barlow claimed to have “mis-clicked” on his phone when he sent the explicit image to the teenager – and that he had intended to send it to a Grindr date, under the username “BentBoy.”

The 22-year-old man sent the image to his victim, after having sent both him and one of the 15-year-old’s friends sexual messages, including one where the ex-football coach talked about masturbation.

Blair Barlow. (Blair Barlow/Facebook)

Sheriff William Gilchrist said the photo of Barlow’s penis was sent “in the context” of his past sexual messages to the victim and the victim’s friend, and that Barlow’s version of events “was not truthful.”

The court heard that the two boys, who were not being coached by Barlow, were hanging out together when the photo “popped up” on the victim’s iPad.

One of the teenagers told the court: “I thought it was quite weird, or more than just weird, it wasn’t right.”

The victim first got in touch with Barlow using social media to talk about football, but neither of the teenagers were coached by Barlow, the court heard.

Claire Rowan, prosecuting, said: “If you’re sending something as intimate as your penis to somebody, is that not something that you would check?”

Barlow responded: “I should have.”

Barlow had been a football coach since August 2013, and worked for Active Stirling, but was suspended once the allegations were made against him.

The 22-year-old said he followed the explicit image with a message, saying: “I’m sorry mate, that wasn’t meant for you.”

The incident happened in May last year.

Both the photo and Barlow’s follow-up message were deleted because Snapchat wipes content soon after it’s viewed, so could not be used in evidence.

Grindr (Photo by Leon Neal/Getty Images)

Barlow claimed he meant to send the explicit image on Grindr. (Leon Neal/Getty)

Barlow was questioned by police after one of the boys’ mums found the sexual messages on his phone, the court heard.

He admitted to police that he messaged the victim about masturbation, adding: “I’ve got no filter, that’s my issue. I do have a very inappropriate mind.”

Rowan said: “Mr Barlow knew from having been a football coach the implications of communicating with a child. He knew the line that shouldn’t be crossed.

“These boys were a year older, if that, that the boys in the football team [sic].

“He knew that, and yet he continued to message them and make inappropriate comments.”

A Stirling Albion spokesperson told the Scottish Sun: “Our commitment to a duty of care to everyone within the Stirling Albion football family does not waver and we will continue to adopt and implement best practice.”

Barlow’s sentence has been deferred until July 4 so that the court can obtain reports.