Transgender woman stabbed in Hollywood hate crime attack

Protesting trans rights

A transgender woman has been stabbed in Hollywood in what police are describing as a possible hate crime.

The victim, who has not been identified, was reportedly stabbed in both arms before fleeing the scene but is expected to make a recovery.

The attack took place shortly before 2am local time under the 101 Freeway at Franklin Avenue in Los Angeles.

Police said the suspect fled the scene and a description of the attacker has not been released.

The victim was walking alone and talking on a phone when the attack took place.

According to Human Rights Watch, there have been 113 incidents of fatal violence against transgender and non-binary people since 2013. Of those killed, 64 were victims of gun violence.

Activists protest transphobic hate crimes in Chicago (Scott Olson/Getty)

In 2017, at least 26 transgender people were killed in the US and the majority of the victims were trans women of colour.

Human rights groups have warned the number of victims could be higher, as this does not include trans victims whose deaths were not reported due to misgendering in police reports, news stories or by their families.

The current rate of trans killings in 2018 is the same as last year.

In May, a transgender woman was shot dead in public in Portland, Oregon.

Gigi Pierce, 28, from Boise in Idaho, became the 11th trans person to be killed in the US this year when she died on May 21.

Nino Fortson, 36, died after being shot multiple times following an argument in Atlanta, Georgia, during the early hours of May 13.

Carla Patricia Flores-Pavon, 18, was choked to death in Dallas, Texas, in May.

Sasha Wall, 29, was shot dead in Chesterfield County, South Carolina, in April, dying after suffering multiple gunshots in her car.

Sasha Wall was killed earlier this year (Sasha Wall / Facebook)

Amia Tyrae Berryman, a 28-year-old from Los Angeles, was the seventh trans person to be killed this year after she was fatally shot in a motel room in March.

In February, the body of Zakaria Fry, 28, was found on a road just outside of Santa Fe, Albuquerque.

Phylicia Mitchell was shot dead in Cleveland, Ohio. The 45-year-old was found in her living room on February 23 with bullet wounds in her chest.

Celine Walker, 36, was found shot to death in a motel room in Jacksonville, Florida in February.

Earlier that month, Tonya Harvey, 35, was shot dead on Shepard Street in Buffalo, New York.

Christa Leigh Steele-Knudslien, the founder of the Miss Trans America pageant, was stabbed to death earlier this year. Her husband Mark Steele-Knudslien confessed to her murder.

In January, Viccky Gutierrez, from Honduras, was killed in Los Angeles.