Russell Tovey might have just broken off his engagement

Russell Tovey appears to have broken off his engagement with his long-term boyfriend.

In February this year, Tovey announced his “completely unexpected” engagement to his fitness coach partner Steve Brockman.

However, it now looks like the engagement has been called off, according to comments made by Tovey on Instagram.

On Sunday, the star of The Flash invited fans to ask him questions on the photo-sharing site while he worked out in the gym.

Tovey answered questions from fans on Instagram (@russelltovey / Instagram)

While many of the questions asked about his work, several asked about Tovey’s relationship and love life.

One commenter asked Tovey directly whether he was still with Brockman, to which Tovey simply replied “no darling.”

Tovey appears to confirm the relationship is over (@russelltovey / Instagram)

Both Tovey and Brockman appear to have also deleted recent Instagram posts featuring each other.

Neither men have confirmed or denied the end of the engagement.

In February, Tovey revealed that Brockman had been the one to propose, announcing the engagement on social media and telling friends and family that he was “over the moon.” 

Brockman and Tovey in 2017 (Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images)

Tovey had his breakout role in the BBC show Being Human and has since become an international star.

In an interview prior to the release of his film The Pass, the actor said that being gay was the best thing to happen to him and that playing gay characters had elevated his career.

The star said he realised his sexuality at 14, and never looked back.

“Honestly, it’s the best thing that ever happened to me, being gay,’ Tovey said. ‘It’s made my career.”

He continued: “For so long, as a young actor, I had this anxiety about making sure I could get straight roles, and now I know that’s not necessary. The gay roles are the best for me.”

Brockman and Tovey used to post photos together on Instagram (Photo: steve_the_brockman/instagram)

Tovey made headlines in 2017 for being the first actor to play a gay superhero in his own series.

Tovey made his debut late in 2017 as The Ray, a superhero who has the ability to manipulate light who dwells on an alternate Earth where Nazis won World War II.

In the DC superhero miniseries ‘Crisis on Earth-X’ – which aired across The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow – the character made an appearance, romancing and kissing Wentworth Miller’s character Captain Cold.

Tovey as The Ray (Credit: The CW)

After the episode aired the actor shared a heartwarming response to his kiss with Wentworth Miller from a family of fans.

Tovey said the superhero role is a dream come true, saying: “Growing up, I always wanted to be a superhero. That’s always been something I astral projected.

“So when this came up, it was an easy yes — especially for what the character stood for. It magnified my excitement in portraying him.”

He added: “Most of my acting mates — everyone wants to play a superhero. It’s definitely one of the boxes you want to tick. It feels wonderful to be ticking that box in a big way and with a big, pink triangle.”