Freckling is latest dating trend and it could leave you heartbroken by the end of the summer

There’s a name for every way you can be screwed over by a romantic partner these days, whether it’s ghosting, breadcrumbing or caspering, you can pretty much stick a label on everyone that wastes your time.

And now there’s Freckling.

Freckling is the latest dating trend that strikes in the summer and could leave you brokenhearted (pexels)

Freckling refers to the fact freckles come out in the summer (Factor 50 permitting) and are then gone as soon the cold whether hits, much like your love interest for the season.

According to, the Freckler is someone who appears in your life when the days are long, the nights hot and heavy, and generally life is great and sunny, and then disappears as soon as it gets cold.

The Freckler is less likely to be from a random dating app match, but more likely someone who you already know, as an aquaintance or through mates, and who keeps an eye on you on Facebook so dives in when the sun’s out and you look like you’re having fun.

AskMen says: “The existence of freckling is a confluence of sorts from two realities.

“One, that summer (and, if we’re being honest, late spring) is the horniest time of the year, and two, that people’s social circles are wider, denser and more robust than ever thanks to social media and the digital web we’re all trapped like flies in.”

Just like your freckles, the Freckler will appear during the summer months and disappear when the whether turns cold

The website says that social media makes freckling all the easier nowadays, now that people you fancy on drunken nights out, or bumped into in an art gallery (if you like to pretend you’re classy), can follow you on Insta, Twitter, Facebook etc, and give you a surprise DM slide when you’re least expecting it.

But how can you tell if you’re being freckled?

It’s tough but there are a few things to look out for, for. Do they actually ask you on dates, or do you only ever hook up when you’re with mates? Do you ever get together when you’re both sober and it feels natural; and have they even met your closest friends and family?

You’re most likely to be freckled by someone already in your life but who is on the periphery, like a random you met at a party then added on Facebook (pexels)

If the answer is, “Um, nooo”, then you could be getting freckled.

Shame freckles are so cute though.

This is the antidote to the cuffing season, which sees people intensify relationships so they have someone to shack up with during the winter, to stop the nights from being long, cold AND lonely.