Teen arrested after homophobic rock thrown into Dublin gay bar

Panti Bar's door, displaying pride flags.

A teenager has been arrested after throwing a rock with a homophobic message scrawled on it through the window of Panti Bar.

The bar, on the corner of Capel Street, has windows to the pavement on two sides and is stridently loud and proud about being an LGBT venue.

The attack happened last night, when a rock wrapped in duct tape was thrown through the window. A homophobic message had been crudely on the tape in Gaeilge, translated by Dr Panti Bliss, Panti Bar’s owner and patron.

She tweeted that the message said “FAIRIES (fags) OUT OF IRELAND” along with a photo of the badly-put-together rock:


Dublin Pride is this weekend, in the capital of a country that seems to be rapidly reforming gender and sexuality restrictions – to the disappointment of people who, it seems clear, could not put glitter on a rock.

Bliss was a face of the ‘YES’ campaign in Ireland’s recent abortion referendum and is getting her own TV show and Pantibar has hosted the Irish head of government, Enda Kelly, for a drink making the venue well-known beyond the LGBT+ scene.

Bliss tweeted that the offender was almost immediately caught, after returning to see what had happened and that he confirmed the attack was homophobic in language as elegant as his missile.



No one was hurt during the incident but the boy, in his late teens, could be charged with multiple felonies ranging from hate crime to criminal damage of property. He was arrested by Gardai shortly after the incident at around 11pm.

Dublin Pride events will be all around the city and of course at Panti Bar as planned.


DUBLIN, IRELAND - JUNE 27: A couple kiss as they take part in the annual Gay Pride Parade on June 27, 2015 in Dublin, Ireland. Gay marriage was declared legal across the US in a historic supreme court ruling. Same-sex marriages are now legal across the entirety of the United States.

A gay couple celebrating marriage equality in Dublin, 2015 (Photo by Clodagh Kilcoyne/Getty Images)