Exclusive: Just 13% of Tory voters agree with government’s proposed transgender policy

Just 13 percent of Conservative voters agree with the government’s proposed reforms to the Gender Recognition Act, according to a new poll.

The new poll by YouGov for PinkNews has found there is significant public opposition to the government’s proposed review of how transgender people can legally change their gender.

The research by YouGov for PinkNews also revealed that only 18 percent of all voters agree with government plans to let transgender people change their legal gender without a doctor’s approval.

The government has said it wants to de-medicalise the process to legally change genders, moving towards self-identification, which is used in other countries like the Republic of Ireland.

At present, transgender people have to get confirmation from a doctor specialising in gender dysphoria in order to receive a Gender Recognition Certificate, which legally recognises their gender identity.

benjamin cohen theresa may

PinkNews chief executive Benjamin Cohen with prime minister Theresa May. (Facebook)

Benjamin Cohen, chief executive of PinkNews, said: “Despite the relatively low levels of support for the proposed changes to the Gender Recognition Act, this should not discourage the government from acting.

“Being a leader means being in front of your people and that it is why it is right that the prime minister has already given her clear support for de-medicalising the gender recognition process.

“It is just a shame that nearly a year has elapsed between the prime minister pledging her support for trans rights at the PinkNews Awards and now opening the long-awaited consultation.

“The lengthy delay has created a vacuum during which a misinformation campaign has been mounted by opponents to transgender rights.”

Home secretary Sajid Javid will be the keynote speaker at a PinkNews Parliamentary Reception in Westminster on Wednesday evening, when he is expected to address reforms to transgender rights.

In May, minister for women Victoria Atkins said that the government would launch a consultation into the review of the Gender Recognition Act before the summer recess on July 21.

CHICAGO, IL - FEBRUARY 25: Demonstrators protest for transgender rights on February 25, 2017 in Chicago, Illinois. The demonstrators were angry with President Donald Trumps recent decision to reverse the Obama-era policy requiring public schools to allow transgender students to use the bathroom that corresponds with their gender identity. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

The new poll for PinkNews suggests there is significant public opposition to the government’s proposed review of the Gender Recognition Act. (Getty)

The same survey for PinkNews also found that 55 percent of people support gay couples having children through surrogacy, adoption or artificial insemination.

Support for this question was highest amongst Labour voters, with 54 percent in favour of allowing gay couples to have children, compared to 40 percent among Conservatives.

The research revealed that 70 percent of “remainers” were in favour of gay couples starting a family, while just 40 percent of Brexiteers supported gay couples having children.

The sample size for the survey was 1,688 adults from the UK, and the research was carried out between June 20 and 21.