The internet can’t stop thirsting over John F Kennedy’s only grandson after clip goes viral

Jack Schlossberg poses shirtless (left) and John F Kennedy on his first day as president.

The gays of the internet have found their latest crush to thirst over: the grandson of president John F Kennedy, Jack Schlossberg.

Harvard Law School graduate, part-time actor and full-time heartthrob Jack Schlossberg rose to internet prominence earlier this week, after a video of him singing The Beatles’ “Ticket to Ride” went viral.

In the video, Schlossberg wears jogger shorts, white socks, a baseball cap and absolutely no t-shirt whatsoever as he dances about and lip-syncs for his life, singing: “She’s got a ticket to ride, but she don’t care.”

Unafraid to be a little fruity in the clip, Schlossberg also struts about, poses, puts his finger to his lips and flaunts his hairy chest.

The short video was picked up and shared by political reporter Jon Levine. Pretty quickly, LGBTQ+ X/Twitter users came forward to profess their undying love for the future legal eagle.

And, of course, the memes are plentiful.

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While most queer social media users are fixated on the “Ticket to Ride” video, others have unearthed an abundance of other clips from Schlossberg’s social media library, including one in which he demonstrates how to open a coconut.

The collective fascination is a lesson for all attractive men with some sort of a public profile: be fruity, despite what the right-wingers might say.

Who is Jack Schlossberg?

In addition to being the only grandson of the 35th president and his wife Jackie Kennedy, Jack Schlossberg is also the son of author and US ambassador to Australia, Caroline Kennedy and designer Edwin Schlossberg.

Born in January 1993, he is the youngest of John F Kennedy’s grandchildren. Schlossberg has two sisters, Rose and Tatiana. His first name is actually John, named after his slain grandfather, who was often called Jack too.

He’s a graduate of Harvard Law and Harvard Business School and hopes to become an attorney, but he also has a small acting repertoire under his belt, having appeared in the long-running Tom Selleck police drama series Blue Bloods. However, it’s his social media presence, with 120,000 followers on Instagram, that seems to interest the gays the most.

He’s assumed to be a Democrat – as he granddad was – having spoken at the 2020 Democratic National Convention ahead of Joe Biden’s presidency. 

He’s also been vocal in his opposition to his cousin Robert F Kennedy Jr, an anti-vaccination conspiracy theorist and (former Republican) politician, who is running as an independent candidate in the 2024 presidential election. The son of Bobby and Ethel Kennedy has suggested that contaminated water supplies lead to gender dysphoria, and has reportedly shared a platform with those who claim HIV was caused by vaccine trials.

In one video, Schlossberg refers to him as a “pr*ck” who is “lying” to voters. 

Little is known about Schlossberg’s dating life, other than he was reportedly with yoga company founder Krissy Jones in 2019. He was recently linked to pop singer Selena Gomez, but she swiftly shut down those rumours.