Little Mix’s new video is queer AF and it’s amazing

Little Mix performed "Secret Love Song Pt II" under the rainbow flag

Little Mix and Cheat Codes’ new video for “Only You” features a short-lived lesbian storyline – and fans can hardly contain themselves. Watch the video below.

The latest video for the single – a collaboration between The X Factor-born band and American DJ trio Cheat Codes – depicts a woman, who looks pretty bored, going to a house party.

The video initially continues in the same tone, with the woman sitting on a sofa, while guests dance around her, and clearly wishing she was elsewhere.

But then, another woman, who has a mysterious demeanour, walks in.

The pair make eye contact, before dancing and playing beer pong together.

At on point, they jump into the pool together and – in a heartwarming moment of romantic tranquility – make out underwater.

They continue kissing on the house party’s makeshift dancefloor.

Still, there’s a twist. It turns out that woman number two is some form of shapeshifting sea creature, and consequently turns into a mermaid while the pair are underwater, before experiencing breathing difficulties when they get out of the pool.

For the rest of the video, the star-crossed lovers are distraught, saying their last goodbyes, before the mermaid woman is returned to the sea, where she belongs.

But, despite the heart-breaking end to the video, fans are praising the same-sex storyline on social media.

One fan wrote on Twitter that the “storyline is so beautiful & meaningful and it is one of the best storyline that i have ever seen [sic].”

Another posted: “Thank you for that beautiful music video. As someone who’s been openly gay for nearly 6 years now I am deeply touched by my idols representing the #LGTBQ community.”

Little Mix are expected to release their fifth album this year, but “Only You”, written and co produced by Digital Farm Animals, will reportedly not feature on the record.

The four-piece are known for their outspoken support of the LGBT+ community, and have a big queer fanbase.

In December 2017, the band threw a drag-themed party for band member Jade Thirwall’s 25th birthday.

Despite Little Mix member Perrie Edwards being absent, ‘The Triple Bae Girls’ seemed to have a blast celebrating what came to be known on social media as #Jades25thKiKi.

And, at least two couples got engaged at Little Mix concerts last year.