Forget big dick energy, it’s time for big dyke energy

Make way for big dyke energy, the natural successor to big dick energy.

Big dick energy – or BDE, if you prefer – took off online after Ariana Grande, whose latest song “No Tears Left to Cry” was defined as a gay icon by fans, allegedly tweeted that her new fiancé Pete Davidson has a 10-inch penis.

But though the viral meme brought joy to many and was called gender-neutral by none other than its creator, the queer world demanded – and deserved – better.

Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande with the creator’s tweet (arianagrande/instagram and babyvietcong/twitter)

After all, we’re currently living through #20GayTeen, as established by Hayley Kiyoko and fans of “Lesbian Jesus,” as the singer is known.

Centring a meme on male genitalia may be funny, but it’s not particularly queer.

But once again, Kiyoko’s wonderful fans have stepped up to popularise a trend which will warm your heart.

Singer-songwriter Hayley Kiyoko (Photo by Randy Shropshire/Getty Images for MTV)

The singer has been dubbed “Lesbian Jesus” by fans (Randy Shropshire/Getty)

There have been rumblings of big dyke energy online ever since big dick energy started spreading to the corners of the internet in late June, but Twitter user saddy has made the phrase go viral.

Above photos of Kiyoko being hugged by two women including Kehlani – who came out earlier this year and kissed Kiyoko in the music video for “What I Need” – the fan wrote: “hayley’s face when she gets hugged by hot women is the BIGGEST bde (big dyke energy).”

You can see what she means.

Hayley Kiyoko kissing Kehlani (Hayley Kiyoko/YouTube)

The tweet, which has attracted more than 4,000 retweets and likes, followed another initial attempt by saddy to launch the phrase into the wider consciousness.

On July 18, she wrote “the real BDE big dyke energy” over four shots of Kiyoko in flower-print shirts.

Others are more than ready to jump on the big dyke energy bandwagon.

Some want to claim it for themselves.

One fan of the phrase wrote: “i shaved my head and became the definition of big dyke energy.”

And another said: “i may not have big dick energy, but i definitely have big dyke energy.”

Others have used it to comment on the queer vibes of their favourite stars, with one person writing: “the denim jacket, the basebalk cap, the trackpants, the pose, the pick up truck…. THIS is big dyke energy.”

Many have been quick to point out that Cate Blanchett in Ocean’s 8 has big dyke energy.

One fan said: “Omg those HD released pics of oceans 8 plus CATE BLANCHETT AND HER BIG DYKE ENERGY.


And another wrote: “Cate Blanchett and her Big Dyke Energy making all the girls start questioning their sexualities and my mom thinking that my cousin is homossexual BITCH I AM THE HOMO HERE.”

The sheer number of LGBT memes which go viral is a wonderful sight to behold, just like the phenomenon of every mainstream meme being turned into an LGBT version of itself by our wonderful community.

(Twitter & Twitter/Stupidfanficmo1)

(Twitter & Twitter/Stupidfanficmo1)

Even the girlfriend vs the other girl meme circulating the internet last year got a lesbian twist ending that delighted audiences and quickly went viral.