Refugees get free tickets for Brighton Pride LoveBN1Fest

Refugee families will be getting free tickets to Brighton Pride’s festival.

Brighton & Hove Pride announced today it has given 100 free tickets to the Hummingbird Project, a non-profit that works to support refugee and unaccompanied minors.

The tickets are for the Pride event’s new family-friendly Sunday festival, LoveBN1Fest, which features Nile Rogers & Chic, Jess Glynne, Raye and Gabrielle. The event is on August 5, a day after Britney Spears’ headline set at Brighton Pride.

Elaine Ortiz, founder of the Hummingbird Project, said: “Huge thank you to Pride for giving our charity 100 free tickets for the family friendly event on Sunday. We work with young refugees, their families and carers and they have now benefited from the free passes.

“I have also distributed tickets with other partner refugee organisations that work directly with young people and adults.

“The people who received these tickets would likely not have been able to participate in the day without this. Everyone is very excited to take part in celebrating Pride with our beautiful city.

He added: “I really hope that the Refugees Welcome Movement will follow the footsteps of the LGBT movement and achieve making significant changes in order to give protection and human rights to those fleeing war and oppression.

“I hope in the future we will be seeing hundreds of thousands of people standing shoulder to shoulder with Refugees celebrating having achieved this, together.”

Standard entry tickets for the event cost £37.50, with 100 tickets being worth £3,750. Standard tickets are free for under-14s.

A sign in support of migrants is displayed on the seafront ahead of the Brighton Pride Parade. (Tristan Fewings/Getty)

Pride organisers said: “Brighton & Hove Pride is a Pride with purpose.

“Celebrating our LGBTQ+ community is a huge and fabulous highlight to the Brighton & Hove Pride Festival. Enabling people to celebrate with us who would otherwise be unable to, is one way Brighton Pride shows its purpose.

“This year, we gave 100 tickets for the LoveBN1Fest to the Hummingbird Project for refugee families and their carers. Our new Sunday festival, LoveBN1Fest, celebrates everything Brighton & Hove and brings all our communities and rainbow families together for an afternoon of fun on the Park.”

Discounted tickets were also provided to the Sussex and Surrey Police, East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service, and the South East Coast Ambulance Service. Chief Inspector Katy Woolford of Sussex and Surrey Police said:

Pride organisers said: “As a thank you from Brighton & Hove Pride, all emergency services, including Sussex and Surrey Police, have been issued with half price discounted ticket to say thank you for supporting Pride and keeping people coming to the city safe.”