Watch adorable moment young drag fan meets Courtney Act

This is the moment 11-year-old drag superfan Leo, aka Violet Vixen, met his idol Courtney Act.

As Violet, Leo has a YouTube channel serving looks and make-up tutorials for others starting out in drag.

He said: “I don’t necessarily want to be a girl, I want to be a boy doing make-up. Pretty normal, I guess.”

Leo first discovered RuPaul’s Drag Race when he searched Netflix for car racing.

“I was like, ‘What’s this?’ These aren’t cars,” he said. “These are humans. Why are women on this? Really tall women!

“Then in walks Courtney Act – the first drag queen I ever saw.

“I became more obsessed so I decided that I would kind of want to do that.”

In a new Real Stories documentary, Leo’s mum takes him on a trip to Brighton – with a special surprise in store.

11-year-old Leo loves drag Courtney Act (Little Dot Studios/Real Stories)

In the hotel, Leo’s mum reveals they were in fact there to meet gender-fluid drag star Courtney Act after her Under the Covers show.

“At first I didn’t believe her – I was just shocked,” Leo said.

He managed to stop himself crying, however, “because this mascara is not going to run.”

Aussie drag superstar and Celebrity Big Brother winner Courtney was full of wisdom for the mini-drag queen, who admitted he found it hard to make friends.

Courtney Act (Little Dot Studios/Real Stories)

She said: “I think as you get older and grow up a lot of that trouble in finding friends becomes easier because you get to slowly accumulate more people who understand you and who think the same.

“I think you just have to keep living who are you and celebrating it every single day.”

“That lipstick is lovely,” she added, before joking: “I did see you touching it up and I’m glad that you did because if you’d come back here with imperfect lips I don’t know what I would have done.”

11-year-old Leo was delighted to have met his idol and said: “It was the best moment of my life – mainly because she was lovely, she was nice and she’s also the first drag queen I ever saw.”

He added: “What I would say to other kids, or people in general who are watching this, is just be you.

“And just be fabulous.”