‘This Morning’ unisex toilets debate sparks criticism from viewers

Four cisgender people have debated the need for gender-neutral toilets on ITV’s This Morning.

Presenters Molly King, Matt Edmondson and guests Dawn Ward and Danni Levy took to the airwaves on Friday morning to discuss the issue during a segment titled: “Are unisex toilets a step too far?”

Levy, from reality TV show Life on Marbs, argued “all this gender-neutral stuff has gone too far… we cannot get past the fact that men have a penis and they use the toilet in a different way.”

But users on Twitter hit back at Levy’s comment, with one person explaining “everyone literally has a unisex toilet in their house, and have done for generations so perhaps you all get over yourselves and grow up.”

The show also ran a poll on its website, asking their audience to vote on whether or not they agree with unisex toilets.

Ward, from the Real Housewives of Cheshire, said “I’m saying that rather than building two toilets, do a unisex one and spend the extra money on hygiene. [sic]”

Ward also suggested using a “self-closing door” which male colleagues “can’t leave open”, before presenter Mollie asked if it was “sexist” to suggest “men’s toilets are dirtier than women’s”.

Twitter opinion was divided during the debate with one person slamming the idea and writing “not nice when us ladies have our time of the month and we are having to change when a bloke is next to us?!”

Others supported the idea and wrote “home is different to public! No one can see,” and “disabled toilets are unisex. I have no choice in the matter and I don’t actually mind. People share toilets in their homes. This seems a pointless question.”