Ellen Degeneres surprises Seth Owen, the gay student who crowd-funded college

A gay teenager who gained attention for crowdfunding some $140,000 (£107,000) for his college education after his parents rejected him, has had a surprise reunion with Ellen.

Earlier this year, Seth Owen, was raising money to attend Georgetown University but after the news spread the school offered to waive his tuition.

Owen decided that he would use the extra funds to create a scholarship for young people in a similar situation, and during the reunion show, Ellen revealed that she was donating $25,000 (£19,200) to it.

His parents abandoned him after finding out he was gay and after he didn’t change during conversion therapy. At the time the school wouldn’t reevaluate his financial aid.

A teacher from his high-school launched his crowdfunding campaign, then Owen appeared on The Ellen Show for the first time and admitted while at high-school he was couch-surfing before moving in with his friend’s family.

Watch the interview here:

Owen graduated top of his class from his high school despite being forced to leave his home in February after his parents found out he was gay.

The Jacksonville, Florida native was caught by his father when he searched through his phone and realised his son was gay. His parents then gave him an ultimatum: continuing going to a church that discriminated against LGBT+ people or leave home and be cut off. He chose the latter.