Transgender parents Louise and Charlie Draven reveal trolls called their gender-neutral child a ‘serial killer’

Trans parents have revealed the sickening messages they received after announcing they were bringing their child up as gender-neutral.

Louise and Charlie Draven, who are the biological parents of Star Cloud, were left heartbroken after online trolls labelled their then four-year-old a “serial killer.”

The pair opened up about the vicious attacks while appearing on This Morning.

Speaking to the presenters, Charlie explained: “‘They attacked me for how I looked, and the choices I made personally, and attacked my son saying that he was basically going to be a serial killer when he grew up. They said he had serial killer eyes.”

He added: “We haven’t told him anything about this. ‘We’ve showed him the photos, we’ve showed him he was on TV, and he was in the papers and he thought it was fun.”

According to Louise, their child Star is starting to identify himself as a ‘he’ and is taking his parents’ change ‘really well.’

The pair went onto the show to explain how as parents they are both transitioning while raising a child.

Charlie explained to the presenters how Star understands what’s happening, as a five-year-old. “He knows mummy is going to a doctor and they’re going to take her ducky away,” he said.

People who watched the show had mixed reactions to the couple and how they are choosing to raise their child.

The segment of the show caused lots of debate on Twitter, with hundreds of responses being sent to the This Morning social media account.

Nothing against transgender/ homosexual etc but this is just too much . It’s more like they are fame hungry than anything else… what’s next… are they going to say they regret having the ops so they will be on tv again, [sic]” one Twitter user wrote.

While another person disagreed, and wrote: “They may be unconventional but they seem like a very loving family, their child knows they are loved and happy and safe, there are plenty of children in conventional family’s who don’t get that! Good luck to you and your family.”