Ask the Aunties: Help, I’m in love with my straight best friend

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Lee Gray, Karnage Kills and Rhys Hollis are the queer agony aunts you have always wanted.

The last episode saw the aunties answer a dilemma from a worried mum who thinks her son might be gay but doesn’t know whether she should be bold and ask him. You can watch the aunties’ reactions here.

In this episode, the aunties answer a dilemma sent in from a gay woman who has fallen in love with her straight best friend.

Here’s her dilemma:

I’m 31, a woman, and I’ve known I’m gay for years, but I’m only out to colleagues and a few of my friends. I have fallen in love with my straight best friend. I feel tortured by this on a daily basis.

I don’t want to lose her as my best friend. I honestly couldn’t be without her in my life. Not just because I love her but because she is such an awesome part of my life!

Do I tell her how I really feel? I’ve told her I think she is hot. On many occasions! And we tell each other we love each other but I know she doesn’t feel the deep love I do!

If I don’t tell her. How do I fall out of love with her?

From, anonymous in Essex.

Watch the video to see the aunties—unfiltered—advice.

Lee Gray is a YouTuber and part-time podcaster with Karnage Kills – together they produce a podcast about black queer men’s experiences living and dating in London, called Wolves in the City.

Karnage is a rapper and grime artist from north London, regularly performing on the queer scene. You can also listen to his tracks on SoundCloud.

Rhys Hollis is a drag and cabaret performer, and this year’s winner of LIPSYNC1000.

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