Who is Frank Brooks? The Apprentice gay contestant hoping to win over Lord Sugar

The BBC has revealed details of the 16 contestants vying to become Lord Alan Sugar’s new business partner, including openly gay Frank Brooks, a senior marketing manager at Thomson Reuters.

London-based Brooks, 27, who is known for pushing the boundaries with his humour, will appear on the show when it starts on October 3 on BBC One.

The Apprentice candidate is bright, too—writing on his LinkedIn profile that he received a distinction in his Marketing masters from Nottingham Trent University.

Brooks at Pride in London. (frank_brooks/Instagram)

Brooks said that he uses both his charm and charisma for negotiating and building moral when in a group.

However, Brooks also admitted that he can play people off each other in order to get what he wants, adding that he can be “brutal” when he needs to be.

“There’s no need to watch your back when I’m already two steps in front,” Brooks said.

On Instagram, Brooks, who has more than 2,700 followers, describes himself as a “wannabe spin instructor” and a “Pokémon trainer.”

And the 27-year old has posted several glittery shots of himself on social media at Pride events.

Brooks went to Pride in London this year, and Brighton Pride last year. (frank_brooks/Instagram)

On July 7, he posted a photo of himself and a pal under Thomson Reuters banners, where he appears to work, at the Pride in London parade, writing: “The faces of TR. Happy Pride ️‍ ️‍ #pride #gay #browncowstunning #workingattr.”

Brooks also states in his Instagram bio that he works in creative marketing and is into fitness.

In a later July 9 photo, Brooks wrote: “Some more highlights from Saturday’s @prideinlondon parade. What an amazing day all round. ️‍ ⚽️ #workproud #workingattr #itscominghome #gay #pride #london.”

Looking at his Instagram, Brook enjoys holidaying with friends, and went to Ibiza earlier in September.

In one Ibiza shot of himself coated in glittery paint, Brooks wrote: “Zoo project. I’m ready for ya! amazing work from @kissmyfairyibz Guess the animal.. #iago #zooproject #ibiza #boy #gay #instagay #holigay.”

The 27-year old describes himself on LinkedIn as: “A highly ambitious and dedicated young marketer with experience in multi-channel management, lead nurturing, and the execution of detailed customer acquisition marketing campaigns.”

Brooks in Ibiza. (frank_brooks/Instagram)

Brooks went to Nottingham Trent University for both his undergraduate degree, studying pharmacology with neuroscience, and his masters degree.

Before joining Thomson Reuters in September 2016, he previously worked at Citywire and Boots.

“Beyond excited to announce that I’m a contestant on this years BBC #TheApprentice,” Brooks wrote on Facebook on Tuesday (September 25). “Can’t wait for this experience to play out in living rooms across the country.”

The Apprentice kicks off on BBC One on October 3 at 9pm