Lord Alan Sugar says those who ‘promote’ non-binary pronouns should be ‘shipped out of the country’

Lord Alan Sugar. (Chris Williamson/Getty Images)

Lord Alan Sugar has slammed those who “promote” non-binary pronouns, adding that they should “shipped out of the country”.

The Apprentice kingpin told The Sun that there is a “small bunch of people” and should be deported “to Mongolia”.

The 72-year-old billionaire businessperson’s comments come after reports emerged that the Brit Awards is considering making the major change for 2021, after three-time winner and eleven-time nominee Sam Smith came out as non-binary.

Non-binary people “need to pack it in” with their “nonsense”, says Lord Alan Sugar.

‘They need to pack it in, it’s nonsense,” he vented.

“The people promoting it need to be shipped off to Mongolia.

“Send them away, get them out of the country. Go away. It always boils down to a small bunch of people that promote it.”

The House of Lords, the UK Parliament’s upper house, independent member lit into those he feels are “too easily offended”.

“The world has gone mad, it’s ridiculous, they are just looking for new things to be offended by.

Lord Alan Sugar.

“It is absolutely crazy, you can’t say anything nowadays without offending somebody with how they look, dress, the colour of their skin or whatever.

“It’s sickening, quite frankly,” the media personality added.

Sugar has faced hot water from the LGBT+ community in the past after he turned to “homophobic” language in a tweet last.

He used the word “puff” as a deliberate play on the term “poof,” which is a homophobic slur in Britain, among other countries, in a tweet.

The choice of words came after his show faced criticism last year from the season’s only openly queer contestant, Frank Brooks, after he was called “emotional” in the boardroom

Backlash against non-binary people just existing roars on. 

Moreover Sugar’s salvo against non-binary, gender-nonconforming people and allies comes only a day after singer Peter Andre lit into the Brit Awards alleged move towards diversity.

The 46-year-old singer, who has never been nominated for a Brit, lashed out against the alleged move saying people get “offended way too easily nowadays”.

Andre wrote in his new! magazine column: “I’m fine with Sam and other people identifying themselves however they like, but I don’t agree with getting rid of best male and female categories.

“I think it’s all going way too far now.”