Letters ‘written by Jesus’ blame gays for droughts and hail storms in Australia—again

Letters are reportedly being posted around Sydney’s gay district, blaming gay people for recent bad weather in the region.

It comes after a series of notes, claiming to be written by a “servant of Jesus,” were left in postboxes in the city of Hobart, Tasmania, threatening to inflict storms on the area if gay marriage was not banned.

The most recent series of letter were posted through the doors of residents living in Darlinghurst area of Sydney, near Oxford Street, where the annual Mardi Gras parade is held, reports Australian news website Junkee. 

Participants at the annual Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras parade in Sydney on March 3, 2018.
(SAEED KHAN/AFP/Getty Images)

One Twitter user uploaded an image of the note on Tuesday (October 2), along with the caption: “Got some post from Jesus and he seems PISSED.”

The letter, which is signed by “Jesus, The Messiah,” condemns Australians for voting to legalise equal marriage last year.

Nearly 13 million Australians (79.5 percent) voted in the country’s non-binding postal ballot to endorse the law, which was implemented by the country’s parliament in December 2017.

The letter reads: “Do you know why I have dried up your state? You chose the curse last year when your nation collectively decided to vote “YES” to that which I abhor. I have judged and removed that wicked Prime Minister, who gave you the evil desires of your heart, as I said I would through my servant, when writing to your City Council last year. Tell your mayor to humbler herself, left I unleash my fury on her, for inciting such wickedness.

It continues: “I have a cup of judgement prepared for your city.

It comes after anti-gay letters were posted in Hobart, Tasmania. (Rodney Croome/Facebook)

“The recent hail storm was your warning to turn from wickedness. Plead with your government, reverse your shameful marriage laws glorifying sodomy and adultery, ban fornication, pornography and prostitution, stop killing your unborn children. Ban remarriage and unjustified divorce, or I will bring hail in a violent form of destruction and death and delight to brake your pride.”

The letter appears to be connected to the notes left in Tasmania because the message reads: “Ask your sister Hobart, what I did to her in May, for rejecting my words.”

It concludes: “I Yeshua/Jesus Christ am Eternal life. I bring life and blessing to those who walk upright and curses and death, to those who hate me. Choose who you will serve, but know that I have told you, through my servant.”