Who is Irene Ellis? The Bi Life cast member and photographer

The Bi Life is a new dating show from E! which offers insight into the bisexual dating experience, but who is cast member Irene Ellis?

23-year-old Irene grew up in Chichester but now resides in London where she works as a photographer and studio assistant. She describes herself as a bit of a nerd.

Much like some of her other cast members on the show, Irene has often found the dating scene to be quite a scary place and even harder to navigate as someone who is openly bisexual. She feels she lacks confidence where relationships are concerned and wants to challenge herself by taking part in the show.


Recently, Irene has been romantically involved with men more often than women and says that this a fairly major reason for her participation in The Bi Life. “I want to actually feel like a bisexual. I’ve acted very straight for a while, so to be comfortable in it would be great,” she said.

Perhaps part of the reason for this is the difficulty that bisexual men and women have in making themselves understood. When discussing her sexuality with others, Irene has found that “it takes a while for people to get used to the idea that some people might just like both.”


This isn’t helped by common misconceptions about people who identify as bisexual and Irene has had awkward interactions with previous partners as a result.

After she told one former boyfriend about her sexuality, his immediate response was to ask: “So you want a threesome?” She says it’s not an uncommon reaction and considers it the most annoying response that disclosing your sexuality can yield.

Not a fan of cheating or disloyalty in general, Irene will be looking for someone who understands commitment when looking for love in The Bi Life.