Who is Carmen Clarke? The Bi Life cast member and professional model

The Bi Life is the first dating show exclusively for bisexual+ contestants to air in the UK and Ireland, but who is cast member Carmen Clarke?

A Manchester native, 21-year-old Carmen has been a model since the age of 14. Signed to the modelling agency J’adore, she also works as a specialist eyebrow stylist.

She feels that bisexual women are sometimes judged quite harshly in the modelling industry where preconceived ideas of what a female model should be are still very prevalent. Bisexuality is something of a challenge to those ideas and since it breaks the mould a little bit, her sexuality does expose some of those preconceptions.


Carmen explained that taking part in The Bi Life offers a chance to further explore her identity and learn more about herself whilst also having some fun. “I’m on a personal journey of discovery, but if I fall for someone too then I’m completely open to that.”

She describes herself as easy-going and chatty – “I could talk to a brick wall for two hours and get to know it!” – and would ideally like to meet someone she can enjoy a good laugh with.

Being bisexual has presented challenges for Carmen, both romantically and personally. When questioned about her sexuality, she often hears the same comments which get repeated over and over again: that she ‘looks straight’ and is ‘too pretty to be a bisexual.’


None of this has left her feeling too downcast about meeting someone special, however. She says she’d like to find somebody who can help her to see the world in a better light.

When is The Bi Life on TV?

The Bi Life premieres on October 25 at 9pm on E! UK & Ireland. Hosted by Celebrity Big Brother 2018 winner Courtney Act, the show will air for 10 episodes and was shot on location in Barcelona in August and September 2018.