Penis jewellery: Yves Saint Laurent launches phallic range

Yves Saint Laurent penis pendant, a part of the new YSL penis jewellery range

Designer fashion label Yves Saint Laurent has unveiled a penis jewellery range.

French clothing brand Yves Saint Laurent is selling two pieces of penis-shaped jewellery in its stores.

The retailer has listed a penis-shaped pendant on its website for £520.

Yves Saint Laurent's penis-shaped earrings

Yves Saint Laurent’s penis jewellery has caused a stir online. (

YSL is also retailing dangling penis earrings for £215.

The gold brass penis jewellery, which features comes engraved with “Yves Saint Laurent,” is only available in store and not online.

The penis jewellery gets a mixed response

In the ancient Roman world, penis jewellery was regularly worn. The erect phallic shape was believed to ward off the evil eye.

Yves Saint Laurent’s phallic-shaped range has received a mixed reaction on social media.

“They’re not what we’d choose to wear for Sunday lunch with our grandma but if you’re a fan of jewelry that’s a little bit different [sic] — look no further,” one person wrote on Twitter.

Another said: “Yves Saint Laurent been watching too much Spartacus with that Penis Jewelry…. ‍♂️.”

And one person simply wrote: “One question….. Why?”

A Twitter user reacts to Yves Saint Laurent's penis jewellery

Yves Saint Laurent’s penis jewellery received a mixed reaction on social media. (stevehill3096/Twitter)

A number of other designers have recently unveiled penis jewellery and genitalia-inspired clothing.

More penis jewellery

Vivienne Westwood recently sold a penis-shaped earring stud, which soon sold out.

And Italian luxury fashion designer Fendi hit the headlines in October when the brand’s “Touch of Fur” was dubbed the “Vulva Scarf” by social media users for its suggestive appearance.

In September 2017, Pierre Bergé, the longtime partner of Yves Saint Laurent and co-founder of the YSL fashion brand, died aged 86.

Bergé died at his home in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, France, following a long illness, the Pierre Bergé-Yves Saint Laurent Foundation reported.

French President Emmanuel Macron said: “A whole part of our collective citizen and artistic memory dies with Pierre Bergé.”

Former French President François Hollande said Bergé was “an exceptional man of conviction who defended the idea of equal rights for all.”

Bergé and Saint Laurent met in 1958, just after Saint Laurent had been made head designer of the House of Dior aged just 21.

They began the Yves Saint Laurent YSL fashion house in Paris in 1961, and rapidly gained popularity throughout the ’60s and ’70s.

Although the couple separated in 1976, they stayed business partners and good friends.

Saint Laurent died of brain cancer in 2008.

Bergé and Saint Laurent entered into a civil partnership just days before Saint Laurent’s death, and at the funeral Bergé spoke emotionally about their relationship.