Yves Saint Laurent have released couture condoms and queer Twitter can’t handle it

Model Anja Rubik in a teaser for Yves Saint Laurent's condom range. (Instagram/Saint Laurent Paris/Juergen Teller)

The most important fashion accessory is the condom, Lady Gaga once said.

And now you can have sex but make it fashion with the help of Yves Saint Laurent’s new line of chic couture condoms.

As part of the French fashion house’s Parisian concept store, Rive Droite, the luxe rubbers will be sold for €2 each.

High-fashion brands arousing interest with rubbers (case and point: Alexander Wang’s partnering with condom brand Trojans for the #ProtestYourWang campaign) is nothing new, but this particular one feels like the climax of a strange section of capitalism.

On the heels of a star-studded Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2020 show, Saint Laurent’s creative director Anthony Vaccarello teased the new campaign on his Instagram.

Titled ‘The Love Affair’, the Juergen Teller-shot shoot features a full-frontal heavily-inked Anja Rubik:

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There was a second image, of model David Alexander Finn completely naked, but Instagram appears to have removed it. Truly heart-breaking.

The French letters are sold out of a condoms dispenser machine at the brand’s branch at 213 Rue Saint-Honoré in Paris’ luxury shopping district.

The wrappers come in an array of patterns, including gold and black, heart, leopard, zebra and cob-print as well as checkered.

Twitter reacts: “A glass bowl full of YSL condoms is the centre piece i didn’t know I needed.”

Vetements, Marc Jacobs and Off-White may have already slapped their names on foil wrappers, but something about the YSL campaign whet the appetite of LGBT+ Twitter.

“That’s the level of extra I aspire to me,” said one user.

Another added: “Karl Marx couldn’t have predicted this form of capitalism.”

“I think he’d enjoy that they’re controlling the means of (re)production,” someone replied.

Even lesbian Twitter wanted to buy them:

Twitter feed quickly became a monochromatic grid of YSL condoms, but some users were quick to mention that previous installations of designer condoms makes the brand a “behind the times”:

Some pointed out that considering what the concept store packs–from YSL monogrammed products such as lighters and leopard-print dog collars – a YSL condom was destined to come.

And as one user put it: “Ladies and gay, never settle!

“There are designer condoms.”

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