Penis fillers: A trend on the rise for men who want more

A phallic sculpture emboding the desire for larger girth of men seeking penis fillers.

The lengths men dissatisfied with their penis size will go for larger endowment has increased, thanks to the rising popularity and availability of penis fillers.

Injections to increase the size of the penis circumference, commonly known as penis fillers, promise to be relatively quick and pain-free.

Clinics performing the treatment have seen 20-fold increase in procedures, the BBC reported last month, but practitioners warn against the idea of promoting the injections as a mindless, lunch break treatment—men undergoing the procedure should consider their options carefully.

Desire for bigger penis on the rise

“We have an increase in demand for the services but what works and what does not work depends on how you consult with the patient,” says Christos Konstantinidis, director of the London-based clinic International Andrology.

The clinic receives hundreds of requests for penis enlargement treatment every month. “Patients will say ‘I want a bigger penis,’ not a fat injection or a filler,” Konstantinidis tells PinkNews.

A man in a nudist beach may seek to increase its self-confidence with a penis filler.

Men may seek penis fillers to boost their confidence in their bodies, whether in public or private places.(GioBertPhoto/flickr)

Patients usually come to the clinic with those requests out of desire for a self-confidence boost.

“It’s a about personal confidence and looking good naked, whether it is a social setting like the changing rooms at the gym or it is a private setting like bedroom,” Konstantinidis says.

The clinic director says that while a large number of requests come from members of the LGBT+ community, he does not think they they are overrepresented in the patients group overall.

Konstantinidis sees a number of reasons why penis enlargement has increased in popularity, including a larger population of men actively taking better care of themselves and their looks.

But according to him, the main reason why 45 percent of British men report being dissatisfied with their penis has to do with the amount of porn they consume.

“There is a straight correlation,” he says, pointing to the results of a survey conducted by the clinic, showing that the more men watch porn, the more likely they are to be dissatisfied with their aesthetics of their penis.

What are penis fillers?

The procedure can be done in combination with other penis enlargement treatments or as a stand-alone service, which can be either permanent or temporary.

The temporary treatment involves the injection of hyaluronic acid or other kinds of naturally derived fillers that will eventually be reabsorbed by the body within a year. It is performed under local anaesthesia, so the patient cannot feel the injection taking place.

Injections for penis fillers that could contain fat, natural or artificial substances.

Penis fillers are supposed to be relatively quick and painless injections.

Another option is the injection of synthetic fillers, but the procedure carries more risks, such as the possibility of allergic reactions.

Konstantinidis’ clinic generally recommends fat injections, in which the substance used to increase the girth is fat harvested from another part of the patient’s body, usually the lower abdomen.

Unlike the hyaluronic acid, fat injections are permanent—they may not suit patients who are not quite sure about making such a step.

Even in the case of natural fillers or fat injection, there are risks of the substance being reabsorbed in the body faster than expected.

Another risk, if the filler is not correctly injected, is the presence of unevenness or lumpiness. And, should the practitioner be inexperienced, there is a risk the filler could end up in the foreskin. In this case, the patient would require circumcision.

Reality vs expectations: how much bigger can your penis look?

Fillers can increase the penis girth by about 30 percent.

“[It] is meaningful to look bigger but it won’t look abnormal or strange,” Konstantinidis says, adding: “We wouldn’t operate [on] someone who has unrealistic expectation.”

But even with extensive consultations, sometimes results do not meet expectations.

Zipper on a pair of jeans.

Zipping up your pants may feel different after penis fillers (Pexels)

One of the clinic’s patients, who agreed to speak to PinkNews about his experience under the condition of anonymity, said he was not completely pleased with the results.

“I was expecting a little more, to be honest,” the man, who is gay, says.

The man says he had begun researching penis enlargement treatments last summer, after beginning to feel uncomfortable with his penis size following a number of “internet experiences.”

“I wanted to gain more confidence,” he says.

He said he was initially looking at hydrolic acid injections but that, after speaking to the experts, he decided to opt for the fat injection. The surgery was performed in September last year at the cost of £4,500.

But, still dissatisfied with the results, he decided to repeat the procedure this year, at an additional £4,000. In hindsight, the money was not worth it, the man said.

The man is single so he had no partner to attest to the size difference, but he said his sex life has changed for the better, and so has his confidence. “There is a little improvement,” he says.