Shopping centre ‘sorry’ for polar bear anal sex Christmas display

Customers said the two polar bears look like they're having anal sex

A shopping centre has apologised for a Christmas display that appeared to show some polar bears enjoying anal sex.

Shoppers at Tynwald Mills shopping centre on the Isle of Man were taken aback by the centre’s display, installed this month in the run-up to the festive season.

Part of the display featured life-size models of two polar bears, with one on its hind legs in front of another on all fours.

The polar bear Christmas display was arranged to look as if the animals were engaging in anal sex.

The ‘anal sex’ pose attracted attention online (Facebook)

After seeing the display, naturally, some dirty-minded customers took to the internet to point out it looks like the bears were having anal sex.

On the Tynwald Mills Facebook page, one user wrote: “We caught a rare David Attenborough moment today,” while another declared it “much better than the John Lewis ad.”

“Apologies to anybody offended.”

— Tynwald Mills

Another user, somewhat inaccurately, wrote: “And that kids is how baby polar bears are made .”

The Christmas display has been changed to feature no anal sex

The shopping centre has since separated the two polar bears, and put out a statement explaining that the models had been surreptitiously rearranged into the suggestive pose without permission.

A spokesperson for Tynwald Mills wrote: “We’d like to thank our customers for getting a little too into Christmas this year with our Polar Bears in the atrium and can reassure you the display has changed somewhat since setup.

“Apologies to anybody offended by our somewhat interactive display.  #nightattheshoppingcentre #naughtybear.”

The Tynwald Mills rep added: “The polar bears have had a talking to, and our severe case of ‘Night at the Museum’ hopefully won’t repeat itself! ”

Several Manx shoppers lamented the decision to put the display back into a PG-rated setup.

One user wrote: “That’s a shame!! You should have left it, I thought it was a clever idea to get people up to see it and shop!!”

Another suggested Tynwald Mills “change it round regularly and have a bit of fun.”

Polar bears can have gay relationships

Of course, bears can have same-sex relationships.

A polar bear ‘died of a broken heart’ in 2017 after her same-sex partner of 20 years was transferred to a different zoo.

A polar bear, such as the ones depicted in the 'anal sex' Christmas display, plays in the snow.

File photo. A polar bear plays in man made snow at the San Francisco Zoo (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Szenja died at SeaWorld San Diego after her lifelong companion Snowflake, who she had lived with for 21 years, was moved to Pittsburgh Zoo.

A study in 2014 found that male bears often enjoy performing oral sex on each other.