Comedian Cariad Lloyd hounded off Twitter by anti-trans trolls

Cariad Lloyd hounded off Twitter by anti-trans trolls

British comedian Cariad Lloyd has deactivated her Twitter account after anti-trans trolls attacked her for using inclusive language when talking about periods.

Cariad Lloyd posted a tweet yesterday where she asked her followers to consider donating to Bloody Good Period, a charity that aims to eliminate period poverty.

In the tweet, Lloyd said: “Jane Austen was a Super Plus fan, Lizzie preferred a Mooncup + Emma didn’t leave Hartfield without her Thinx.

“But some bleeders in the UK can’t afford sanitary products, imagine the scandal at the ball!” She then asked people to consider donating to the charity this festive season.

However, she received backlash from anti-trans trolls online, who took issue with her use of the term “bleeders” rather than women.

Describing people who menstruate as “bleeders” includes all people who menstruate, which includes trans men and non-binary people.

Graham Linehan, who has been vocal about his opposition to transgender rights, was among those who criticised Lloyd for the tweet.

Cariad Lloyd was ‘supporting inclusivity’

As the backlash intensified, Lloyd deactivated her Twitter account.

Bloody Good Period responded to the uproar with a statement posted on Twitter this evening.

In the statement, they said that Lloyd is one of their ambassadors, and note that they are an “inclusive” organisation.

“We include women, girls, trans men and non binary people in our messaging and will continue to do this.

“There will be some who do not wish to support inclusivity, and we ask that you make your own decisions about whether that means you can’t support us.”

Pride flag held aloft at Belgium Pride. Cariad Jones has been hounded off Twitter by anti-trans trolls


They continued: “We stand behind Cariad who herself was making a light hearted contribution to a cheerful campaign asking people to do something good in the real world not just on Twitter.

“We’re proud of the work that we’ve done to make periods discussable – there was a time when people didn’t talk about blood and bleeding and flow in public.

“Our mission is to ensure that we will soon look back on this row and wonder what was so incendiary about recognising the reality of all people who have periods.”

Graham Linehan says trans activists are like Nazis

Yesterday, PinkNews reported that Linehan – who wrote Father Ted and The IT Crowdlikened transgender activists to Nazis.

He made the comments in an interview with internet radio show Derrick Jensen Resistance Radio.

Linehan, who has come under fire for his outspoken views on trans issues on Twitter, said that he would not stop talking about the issue.

Speaking on the radio show, Linehan said: “People do get very nervous… it’s like putting your hand on a flamethrower. The opposition is so extreme and so frightening that eventually everyone is asking you to stop.

“My feeling is I can’t, because it’s too important. It’s too important to the women in my life and it’s too important to me.”