Sims 4 news: YouTuber Lilsimsie praised for making Sims 4 bathrooms gender neutral

A photo of YouTuber Kayla Sims talking to fans about Sims 4 on her channel lilsimsie

Popular YouTuber Kayla Sims has changed all the bathrooms in The Sims 4 to be gender neutral, and fans are delighted.

The American 19-year-old, who regularly shares her customised Sims 4 save files with fans, revealed on January 5 that she’s stripped all bathrooms of gender signs in her latest release, which she called “my life’s work.”

The creator, who has 300,000 subscribers on her lilsimsie YouTube channel, explained that she made the change in her newest “Simsie Save” to make the gaming experience better for more users.

Watch Lilsmie’s changes to Sims 4:

She said it was “a really easy way to make something more accessible and to make something more inclusive,” and cut out the feature where Sims refuse to enter bathrooms which don’t match their gender.

However, the YouTuber voiced her disappointment that Sims 4 offers fewer customising options for gender neutral bathroom doors.

“I discovered that we have only one gender neutral bathroom door,” she said, “and it’s ugly, but we actually have two more base game bathroom doors that are gendered, that have way more colour options.

“Why do we have gendered bathrooms in The Sims? It’s just so annoying”

— Kayla Sims, aka lilsimsie

“I just don’t understand why they aren’t the same door. It bothered me a lot.”

She added: “Why do we have gendered bathrooms in The Sims? It’s just so annoying.”

Fans thank lilsimsie for Sims 4 gender neutral bathroom change

Followers of the YouTuber expressed their gratitude at the effort she put into placing her gender neutral stamp on Sims 4.

One wrote in the comments section: “It’s really cool of you to go back and remove gender restrictions on bathrooms.

“It’s such a little thing but it makes the game so much more inclusive and a lot easier to play.”

Another said that “gendered restrooms shouldn’t be an irl thing and especially not in the sims,” adding that it was “very annoying” and that they were “super impressed” by the creator’s changes.

Twitter photo of YouTuber and Sims 4 enthusiast Kayla Sims

Kayla Sims was showered with praise for her new Sims 4 save file (lilsimsie/twitter)

A different fan pointed out that gender-specific bathrooms didn’t make sense in Sims 4, writing: “What gets me about the gendered bathrooms is that urinals aren’t in the game.

“Like why have gendered bathrooms if you’re not going to have urinals?” they asked, before adding: “thanks for the Simsie Save update!! You’re the best!”

Others simply voiced their joy over Sims’ update, with one saying: “We stan gender neutral bathrooms!”

Another wrote: “Kayla said genders are CANCELLED. My hero,” while one more commented: “YES! the gendered bathrooms were so freakin’ annoying! Thank you for fixing those!”

And at least one gamer was delighted that their characters would be able to use the gender neutral toilets, saying: “Love it!! I’m so happy you made the bathrooms gender neutral… my non-binary sims appreciate it.”