Robyn’s music video for ‘Send To Robin Immediately’ features same-sex lovers

Robyn's new music video features same-sex lovers

Swedish singer-songwriter Robyn has released a new music video for “Send To Robin Immediately,” which features scenes of same-sex lovers.

The music video is the latest from Robyn’s album, titled Honey, which was released in 2018 to critical acclaim.

The video for “Send to Robin Immediately” begins with a group of people dancing in slow motion in a forest. Over the course of the song, various couples are shown dancing, embracing and kissing—including a same-sex couple.

The two men are shown embracing and kissing in one shot in the music video, and are later shown standing in a lake together.

Queer fans of Robyn—of which there are many—are going wild for the music video. One fan tweeted a link to the video, and said: “Pop goddess in the woods.”

“Robyn coming thru for the gays once more.”

— Robyn fan on Twitter

Another simply said: “My wig.”

Another fan added: “Robyn coming thru for the gays once more.”

Others praised Robyn for the diversity of the people featured in the music video.

queer icon Robyn launches gender neutral clothing line

The music video was released as the pop-star launched a new line of gender neutral clothing in collaboration with Bjorn Borg.

The official website describes it as “a modern unisex collection” that presents “a mixture of edgy sportswear and street fashion.”

The clothing line is likely to do well with Robyn’s LGBT+ fanbase. The Swedish pop-star has been a much loved queer icon since her music career kicked off in the 1990s.

In a 2011 interview with Out magazine, Robyn explained that her parents ran an experimental theatre group and toured for six months of the year with her in tow.

She said she was initially embarrassed by her mother’s shaved head, and was frustrated by her “masculine” name and short haircut, which led people to mistake her for a trans man.

However, she said that those experiences helped her to “identify with queerness.”

Robyn held a festival exclusively for teenage girls

In 2016, she made headlines when she announced a new festival exclusively for teenage girls.

She announced that the festival, called Tekla, would be aimed at girls who were interested in science, technology, engineering and mechanics (STEM) subjects.

“There are so many things that girls in particular can discover in different ways.”

— Robyn

Robyn wanted the festival to encourage teenage girls to be interested in those areas, and noted that interest in STEM subjects among girls tends to drop off after age 13.

Speaking to Vice at the time, she said: “There are so many areas in which technology is a crucial part – I think many people don’t realise this. It’s not just being in a lab with a white coat. There are so many things that girls in particular can discover in different ways.

“I think girls might not even consider the possibility of getting nerdy with technology, which is interesting. There are different reasons about why that might be, but I think it has a lot to do with role models and actually seeing other women doing it.”